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Broadchurch : Episode 3

Two weeks of “everything in the world is the fault of Ellie.” Two weeks of Hardy running around like a crazed mad man after Claire. Two weeks.

This week. Well it starts much better off with Ellie actually getting a backbone and telling Beth to shut it so she can help deliver her baby.

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Free! Eternal Summer : The Butterfly of Farewell!

“Wakare no Batafurai!” (別れのバタフライ!)

So Rin has someone looking out for his back, we met new friends and our old friends have all grown so much since episode one of the first season.

Right now we are in the best time ever in the anime, everyone is happy, everyone loves what they are doing and we get to see all the boys bonding without any real drama in the background (other then Haru being in trouble with Sousuke!

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