5 Things… 5 Inside No 9 Episodes You Should Watch

With Inside No 9 back on our screens and as brilliant as ever there must be new people tuning in and falling in love with the wonderful brilliance that the series brings in buckets. I’ve decided to name 5 of my favourite episodes from seasons 1-3 that I think that any new time viewer should watch.

Of course you should just watch all of them but you know what I mean!!

Oh and just so you know there will be no spoilers for any of the episodes! I will just explain a little about why I think they are great, I try even in my reviews not to spoil the twists and stories so I really won’t in this list!

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Still Open All Hours S4E1

So Granville and Leroy are back, even though I should have guessed it was coming back I missed it so we’ll just get up to date now and say no more about it.

Episode 1 was the usual Christmas episode so we catch up with what Granville has planned for his customers this Christmas.

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