Mindhunter : S2E2

With the Behavioral Science Unit back together and given a fresh start and the promise of more staff and a interview with Manson as well as Bill on the prowl for BTK the series looks like it’ll continue to be as interesting as it ever was.

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Bem : Water

Yes another new series we’re starting way too late but we’re getting close to having everything we want done done and as this was tagged with Horror obviously I was going to give it a check out.

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Astra : Lost in Space : Past

Episode 7

Honestly this series does cliffhangers so well and we are slowly writing off who could be the “enemy” stashed on the Astra with us but as always after a wonderfully told story there is even more tragedy ahead…

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5 Things… 5 Things this season of GLOW messed up in some way

So obviously there is going to be spoilers here and the biggest one can’t be hidden which is that I was a little disappointed with the return of one of my absolute favourite shows.

So here are 5 things that really ruined GLOW this year for me.

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Mindhunter S2E1

I am one of those people who love serial killer documentaries and trying to figure out what exactly makes these people tick, Mindhunter ended up being one of my favourite shows on Netflix as it saw Detectives Ford and Tench interviewing serial killers  trying to understand why they do what they do.

So we have a new series and a new cast of serial killers to talk to.

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GLOW : A Very GLOW Christmas

Episode 10

It is the final episode and it is Christmas! With it being Christmas I’m guessing that everything will be OK in the end…

I kind of hope that it won’t be, I mean it never tends to in GLOW but it feels like we’ll have something that stupid happen with the way this stupid season has gone.

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