Dororo (2019) : The Story of Sabame

Episode 14

Saba-Me no Maki” (鯖目の巻)

You actually genuinely never know what is going to happen week by week in Dororo so with the hidden map on the back of Dororo revealed it is hard to see what is next for our duo.

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One Punch Man Season 2 : The Human Monster

Episode 2

Ningen no Kaijin” (人間の怪人)

We started the new season with a nice reminder of just what One Punch Man does best. Fantastic action scenes, Saitama being a know it all wisdom giver and Genos being kick ass whilst the rest of the world is full of interesting and funny characters.

This episode actually brings both Speed-of-Sonic and Miss Blizzard to Saitamas door but also gives us a look at the actual bad guy facing the world at the moment. Garo, the Human Monster.

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Something, something AEW

Let me just get started that this isn’t a blog dissing AEW before they’ve even done anything, I’m looking forward to their shows just as much as I look forward to any wrestling show I’m able to watch.

Then again it isn’t a blog going on about how I believe they’ll suddenly shoot up to be the biggest threat to Vince McMahon’s empire either because people say that about just about every other big Indie promotion around at some point.

In fact I don’t think it really is about AEW at all but the fans. It isn’t a dig at them but maybe a question that I wanted answered.

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Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall

Episode 49

Dakkan Sakusen no Yoru” (奪還作戦の夜)

The final episode and with everything that has happened it isn’t surprising we’re finally going to the wall.

Closing the wall up and getting to Grisha’s basement is the key to understanding everything…

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Mayonaka No Occult Koumuin : The White Nekomata of Kagurazaka

Episode 2

Kagurazaka no Shiroi Nekomata” (神楽坂の白い猫又)

Pretty much all the series I watched last week had a really decent first episode but one of the reasons this is the first one I’m reviewing this week is because Midnight Occult Civil Servants not only had one of the best opening episodes but truly made me fall in love with the characters and the world in moments.

So did it live up to its first episode going forward?

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Ghosts Episode 1

A brand new show from the Horrible Histories guys and gals see them haunting a old house on BBC One.

I will not lie that I have been looking forward to this show since it was announced what their next project was going to be and went into this with so much excitement.

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Anime Highlights Week 14

So as you might have noticed I have posted over the week the highlights that I have done. My main problem is that there have been some shows that I’ve lagged on watching and didn’t want to post the Highlights till I caught up but you know what? I am just making more work for myself and I shouldn’t worry too much about that, I uploaded them more to show what had been the highlights and so that looking back as a series there are less gaps.

I’ll try so hard to keep this all up to date this season but I’ll probably write or have written a diary to explain why it became slowly more difficult as the Winter season went by.

THIS though is the beginning of SPRING! You know bunnies and sheep, eggs and people being tied to crosses… That kind of thing. Though this year it’ll be known as the RETURN OF ONE PUNCH MAN!

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