Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 : Roaring Sports Festival

Episode 15

“Unare Taiikusai” (うなれ体育祭)

So we get no real build up for this festival other then the announcement and what little we’ll get in this one before it actually starts….

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Death Note : Guidance

Episode 22

Yuudou (誘導)

So it has been a while since I reviewed Death Note, I do apologise for the very long wait for basically the last half of the episodes to be reviewed. I’m going back in cold as I haven’t actually watched it for a little longer then the review actually came out but we’re going for the end.

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Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 : That’s the Idea, Ochako

Episode 14

“Sōyuu Koto ne Ochako-san” (そういうことね お茶子さん)

It has taken a while to get the reviews all edited and such like but we start our coverage a little late on My Hero Academia Season 2.

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Diary #17 : Its Time We Really Started Talking!

The news of Chester Bennington losing his fight against depression this week has been hard to take. Linkin’ Park has always been one of those many bands that got me through my teenage years of abuse and bullying and in my adult life their songs still get through to me at the toughest of times. I’m not saying I was their biggest fan, they are one of many MANY bands that were around in those tough teenage years which stick around my playlists because they mean a lot to me.

I’m sorry if this sounds heartless but after news like this there is a outpouring online of people telling us that we are not alone and sending us numbers we can phone if we ever feel like we are but once the pain of the death dies down the talk of depression and mental illness in general becomes one no one wants to have again.

If you really want us not to be alone you’d stop treating our illness like its not important.

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Photobucket problems…

So people might not have noticed that a lot of the photos we use on the blogs, especially the wrestling ones, have disappeared. This is due to Photobucket now charging if you want to host your photos on a 3rd party website.

To keep costs down we always used Photobucket to keep our storage low on WordPress, there are things like the headers to blogs that have to be stored so especially after we started with the anime reviews we decided to use Photobucket for about everything else.

We aren’t going to pay, or I personally am not going to pay, just to have the photos available to host on 3rd party sites.

SO at some point when I have time I will be deleting all the Photobucket pictures so that our site doesn’t look like such a mess. I will however be uploading all the wrestling photos onto our Facebook page, and will continue to load them on there, and link to the page in all the blogs. This includes past events too.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I’ve always been fed up of Photobucket either just never working, being difficult in general and unreliable so it shouldn’t surprise anyone I’d rather take the much easier yet less fun option of just uploading to Facebook and linking to it then having to deal with the stress AND PAY FOR IT.

We are sorry that there are now pages of random messages telling you that photos are unavailable and so on. I have very limited time at the moment and when I am at home I tend to have little energy to face having to destroy all the work we’ve done in the last two years. I will find a better way to do everything and make it all pretty again down the line but at the moment I’m focusing on my real life job and just trying to get the content out rather then worry about the little tricky things that make the place look and feel nicer but in the end don’t really add a whole lot more.

The Cartoons You Grew up With….

After a very unproductive Skype chat to see where we are and what we’re doing we all got down to talking about our favourite cartoons growing up. From Cow and Chicken to Dexters Laboratory it was a fun time of basically throwing random quotes half remembered at each other and winding up Rick who has had enough of children’s cartoons for one lifetime.

It then got us thinking that there were so many that when one of us threw a name at the other it stopped us from necessarily remembering all of them. You get so worked up about talking about this one that came on after that one that other gems got lost.

So we decided to ask you, the people that read this blog as well as family and friends what cartoons you grew up with. We’ll be sharing it around on our social media pages… Or I shall share it on mine as I’m about the only one who has them, and we’ll come back with a list of some of the best cartoon series a kid could possibly grow up with.

So please feel free to send us all your favourite memories of your favourite cartoons. It doesn’t matter where in the world you come from or how old or young you may be. Let us know!

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