Hi, so we haven’t been around and that makes us sad.

Truth is a truck load of really bad things have been going on in my life and we just haven’t had time to think about this. I’ve been streaming a bunch on my Twitch stream as a way to block it all out and not feel bad playing video games but to be honest….

Life just sucks.

As you might know I caught COVID in March and have had to take time off work nearly every month since. Every month I’ve had to borrow money to make it to the end of the next, each month getting closer to not being able to pay essential bills and needing to borrow more.

This month I finally reached that point.

Not only that but I now don’t have my family to turn to and also have three months to find somewhere else to live, which is just a tad difficult when this month I still have £100 of bills to pay with £7 in my bank.

That is why I’m begging anyone who comes across this and ever enjoyed a single thing I did to give as little as you can to help me slowly raise the money to be able to survive what has turned out to be one of the worst months of my life.

This money isn’t going towards anything but my bills.

For the rest of March I will be streaming daily for at least a hour every day. One single donation of ANY size will let you pick a game for a stream (as long as I obviously own it) but I will also let people name characters, places etc, pick memes to be shown on our pre-show and even maybe other things if I can think of them.

I will only be sharing this or talking about it in August tho I might keep the Ko-fi page up after and I hate begging but I just can’t afford to live anymore.

So if anything I’ve ever done has made you smile and you have spare mons to give anything is appreciated.




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Darwin’s Game : Sunset Ravens [END]

Episode 11

Sansetto Rēbenzu” (血盟サンセットレーベンズ)

We’re here at the last big fight for the season and I’ll be surprised if the bad guys aren’t routinely taken down, maybe a side character of importance showing up for some odd reason but mainly Kaname having to fight his demons and either choose the path of good or evil….

A choice he doesn’t really deserve to have after shooting someone in the head and also leading his friend to be cut up and boxed by Wang in the last episode.

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Darwin’s Game : Old One

Episode 10

Ōrudo Wan” (旧王オールドワン)

I had forgotten that this episode had a extra long first episode therefore episode 10 is actually the penultimate episode of the series. Whilst that makes a few of the last episodes decisions kind of sad, there isn’t even enough time to scratch the surface of just about anything, it also makes sense that they are pushing forward with the story of Shinozuka’s kidnapping.

This is the end game guys.

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Darwin’s Game : Heads Up

Episode 9

Hezzu Appu” (決闘ヘッズアップ)

Now we haven’t really been quiet on how this show has kind of let us down a little in the way it has been presented but we’re back to finish it off and that includes this battle between Kaname and Danjo.

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Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : A Faint Hope [END]

Episode 13

Tatta Hitotsu no Michishirube” (たったひとつの道しるべ)

All the Girls are in one place, the story of everything that needs to be known is known and it is now time to see how the story ends.

Or at least this chapter of the story.

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Infinite Dendrogram : Those Who Bind the Possibilities [END]

Episode 13

Kanōsei wo tsunagu monotachi” (可能性を繋ぐ者達)

We are finally here at the end of it all where Ray and his group must face Franklin’s Final Weapon.

Whatever that is.

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Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : Shibahama UFO Wars! [END]

Episode 12

Shibahama Yūfō Taisen!” (芝浜UFO大戦!)

The final anime…

We get to witness as they once more fight their way to the deadline. Whether “Shibahama UFO Wars!” is a success or not we’ll have to wait and see but the journey to their biggest project yet has been something to witness.

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Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : Why Is This So Unbearable?

Episode 12

Dōshite Konna ni Mijime nan desu ka” (どうしてこんなにみじめなんですか)

The story has settled and we are currently about to enter a lecture on the liberation of the Magical Girls whilst also maybe about to find out how Yachiyo is connected to every other Magical Girl after the events of a year ago…

Just maybe.

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Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : Each Other’s Existence!

Episode 11

Sorezore no Sanzai!” (それぞれの存在!)

Things aren’t looking so good for the Eizouken right now. The Council and teachers aren’t happy with them, Asakusa can’t concentrate and with Kanamori losing control you can only imagine what state they could end up in.

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