DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #7

This week might be my favourite week mainly because all my favourites are on the card tonight.

So with Haskins vs the Anti Fun Police, Nathan Cruz probably losing and me crying and Lucky Kidd vs Bad Bones we’re in for a treat! Then again the question is… Will Ameen find the glasses so Phantasmo can wrestle again?!

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5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #6

Here we are up to date and with a fantastic looking Episode #7 roughly a hour away here is our 5 Things from last weeks episode!

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Bungo Stray Dogs : Bungo Stray Dogs

Episode 16

Bungō Sutorei Doggusu” (文豪ストレイドッグス)

So one show that I loved the first season of and started the second season but never finished is Bungo Stray Dogs. So with a third season on its way I thought we’d get up to date with this one before the third starts, three episodes in we start with Episode 4 of season two (episode 16 altogether) and with the story of Dazai’s past continuing we see the consequences of the explosion that killed the kids that Oda had saved and looked after.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Slave Girl

Episode 2

Dorei no Shōjo” (奴隷の少女)

A rather long yet interesting first episode saw the Shield Hero Naofumi make quite the impact on the new world he is in to protect.

Now thought of as a rapist and turned cynical and angry he is off to buy a slave to fight for him seeing that he is incapable of having a offensive weapon and needs to level up before the next wave appears and he gets himself killed.

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