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Ultimo Tiger vs Sami Callihan Announced for Prides Return to Penzance

You might be fed up of me sharing stuff that Pro Wrestling Pride have announced in the last day or so but here is yet another brilliant announcement.

I kind of give it away in the title so I’ll just post the photo…

Tiger has faced so many big challenges this year and has taken them on head first, improving with every encounter and putting on insanely brilliant matches. He was our wrestler of the month for January and been in the running every month since. When Pride went to Penzance at the beginning of the month he had one of the best matches you’ll see all year against Kotaro Suzuki and it looks like after fighting with Kenny Omega and even TNA’s Bram in a Morrison’s car park he’s got yet another ridiculous mountain to climb.

Every defeat has made Tiger stronger and I have every faith in him being able to beat the Death Machine. Then again if he doesn’t it’ll just make him stronger again. Seriously Tiger always fights with so much heart. The guy is extremely talented, improves every single time he steps into the ring and is such a positive guy. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet but when he gets in that ring he kicks ass. Such a big fan of Tiger’s but you’ll see why when you buy a ticket to Penzance… Or Taunton…. Or Paignton… Or Plymouth… Or Tiverton for DWA this Saturday (he announced on his Facebook as I was writing this…) Or check out one of the links I post below. Its hard not to love this guy.

I don’t really need to tell you anything about Sami Callihan, everyone knows how great he is. This match is going to be huge.

If you’ve never seen Tiger you the chance to see his match against Suzuki on the Pride YouTube channel…

Kotaro Suzuki vs Ultimo Tiger

ORRR you could watch his match against Kenny Omega…

Kenny Omega vs Ultimo Tiger

In fact just go over there and watch their stuff because its awesome. All of it.

Tickets for Penzance can obviously be brought on their website…


ANNND because it took me a lifetime to write this I might as well tell you that they are selling a Ultimo Tiger signed print that you can also buy at their store…


You know you have a true friend when you moan about wanting it on Twitter and they go off and buy you one. Yes… I might not have £6 (£5 for the print and £1 for postage well worth it) but whining on Twitter got me one from the lovely Fiona. Come on… You should have guessed if I hadn’t got it right off the bat the second I got paid I’d be buying one.

That is truly it though, I have nothing else to add to it. Go buy tickets, get a signed print (because why not? Tiger is awesome.) Go watch some great wrestling and be happy.

NXT Take Over Dallas Predictions

My predictions for NXT Take Over in Dallas. I should be awake to review it live but I’m also going to the zoo tomorrow and being in the UK I’ll be up late so… Follow me on Twitter to find out if I do stay up (@Awerka)

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NXT 30/3/16 Review

Seeing I’ll be reviewing Take Over Dallas  I thought it would make sense to first at least write about the last NXT episode. I have been keeping up with NXT in recent weeks but haven’t found the time to write about it.

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Roadblock 2016 Review

The last stop before Wrestlemania (kind of, I never got that because there are loads of RAWs and SmackDowns between now and then so it isn’t really a last stop…) and we see if Dean Ambrose can change the main event of Wrestlemania.

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NXT 23/12/15 Review

The last time I wrote a review for NXT, other then Take Over London, was in August. I feel kinda bad about that but for some reasons, maybe because I saw spoilers for the shows after Take Over Brooklyn and didn’t like the result or something, but Take Over London gave me the boot I needed to start watching once more.

Sorry its late I was working the 24th and wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling on Christmas day!

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NXT Take Over London

I haven’t watched NXT for months! I was so happy to see the Vaudevillains win the tag team championship and then suddenly I stopped watching, never saw them as champions and the longer I wasn’t watching the harder it was to get back into.

So I am back for NXT Take Over London.

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NXT Take Over : Brooklyn 2015 Review

We’ve made it to Take Over Brooklyn. It hasn’t been the most interesting of journeys but its one we’ve taken and we’ve gotten to the end of it. Its the first Take Over event that I’m staying up to watch so I’m extremely excited.

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NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2015 Predictions

So my first predictions blog.

Unlike Pete I won’t be checking on my progress as the night goes on, I think just making the predictions is enough. They will be completely biased with little reason if I don’t want to give a reason so there….

Or in other words I’ll never vote against the VaudeVillains or Tyler Breeze because I’m a biased fan girl and I’m allowed to be crazy when it comes to them.

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The Road to NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2015

I’m going to do my best to make this work, it might just be a one time thing but if it goes well I might do it again.

We have come to NXT Take Over and below we will relive how we got to some of these big matches.

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NXT 19/8/15 Review

To be honest I had a lot of drama yesterday so couldn’t watch it but completely forgot that it was NXT Wednesday night (to watch Thursday for me) and SmackDown Thursday night (to watch Friday for me.)

A mistake I don’t usually make but my dog was ill and I had to clean up dog puke all night….

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