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Self Promotion Alert…

So, like… Hi!

I know we’ve all been very, ummm, not here recently which sucks. We do apologise about that. Lots of work things have come up and I find it hard to be motivated to do much when I’m tired (and I’m still technically ill and probably dying of something nasty but too lazy on the one or two days off I have to go see a doctor.)

BUT (and here comes the self promotion bit) something I DO do and now have a Ao3 account to post it to is write trash.

All sorts of trash.

Trashy Trash, Trash with no meaning, Fluffy Trash, Trash with no other name but Trash and just literally everything I write is trash because I can’t write.

I know some of you will wonder how I can write Fanfics and NOT stuff I need to on here. Its kind of soothing to write crap, not so much to put it up online for others to read but its my way of trying to get over myself.

So like… I only have the beginnings of a long boring story set in the Star Wars universe (Goddammit my love for Domhnall Gleeson reached new heights and I needed to create my own character to poke General Hux within a inch of his life) but I do plan on uploading some of my old One Piece stuff (and maybe finish it) as well as my other stuff.

So go give me a read!


Now I shall disappear again. Maybe do some work. Hopefully.

365 Challenge : S/he said

Ok so the 365 Challenge died yet another death but as everyone is busy and one reason we were doing the challenge was that we wanted to post daily I thought I’d revive it as I have nothing else to write about today. I’m not even bothering to turn my laptop on this evening so struggling to do this on my phone…

I had to ask the person next to me what they were thinking of and they told me they were thinking of tickling the dog…

We have Dredd on the TV, my sisters friend is having a hard time and we keep getting messages about it and she just got off the phone to my cousin yet all she’s thinking about is the action she’s doing right now.

How bloody boring is that?

I asked my dog what he was thinking and he looked at me sadly.

There is a wonderfully doggy philosophical answer to that question but without the necessary skills to tell me all I got was sad Doo eyes.

365 Challenge : Third from the top

I’m not really a TV person. It might seem strange but I very rarely bother with the TV. When looking for a TV show I am pretty picky. I need to find something good. Something that would make get me hooked from the get go and excited about the next episode but not only that. It has to feel like it has that magic spark right from the get go.

Very rarely do I ever get that feeling.

I also get bored very easily so if I start second guessing things then I start to go off the show and I’m not very good with catch up so if I miss one thing I never bother with it again.

I prefer books.

365 Challenge : Share the Love

So I said on Twitter that we have failed the challenge but we’ll still continue even though its been failed twice.

Today I need to tell you about another blogger who influenced my online journey….

So boringly I’ll have to tell you about Anna!

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365 Challenge : The Social Network

No I don’t get social networking at all. I have a Instagram that I use to see what Anna posts and have never posted a photo on there myself. I run the webpages Twitter account but you can see how much I don’t get it 1. by how small our follower count is and 2. with the news that most of them followed us when Anna took over and she didn’t even put much effort into it because she knows she’d just babble on too long about things that aren’t important!

Lets not get started on Facebook which I 100% don’t have.

Sometimes I think its just too much. When listening on Skype to the guys talk they go on and on about seeing this news on this site and something else on that site, when we all looked at each others home screen on our phone all of theirs were filled with apps that do the same basic thing. When I asked them how many different, unique people they talk to on each site they all said it was basically the same people.I think it just loses its importance in the end. I don’t see the point of it at all. Each one wants to be so different but in the end they are all pretty similar. Just because Twitter has shorter messages or whatever doesn’t stop it being the same old same old.Don’t think I’ll ever “get” social media! Then again its one of our tasks for this year to sort out our social media stuff. So that isn’t really a positive with that in mind!

365 Challenge : Odd Couple

You know what I don’t tidy much but I don’t like mess. We don’t really have anything to clutter up our house and things that we take out we put away straight away.

I don’t think mess makes me feel anything really it just is unneeded. Sometimes we can make a bit of a mess in the bedroom when both working full time and we just tend to throw clothes around the place but it doesn’t really effect us in any way. It all gets picked up.

For us its kind of just like clockwork. Use something, clean it straight after and put it away.

When we have people coming over we’ll tend to go over the place with the hoover, something we don’t do that often if I’m honest, and maybe wipe some things down but that is it.

365 Challenge : Five a Day

If I could have 5 foods delivered to me on a deserted island what would they be?

It doesn’t say whether these are meals or just five actual food stuffs. If its just food things on their own then it would probably be :

Mars Bars
Greek Yoghurt
Walkers Ready Salted Crisps

I would die pretty fast but I’d be in heaven.

If they were meals then I guess I’d live a little longer. I’d still ask for the Apples and the Yogurt though maybe instead of just the Yogurt I’d ask for some fancy fruit do-hickey with Yogurt poured over it.

Plus pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

Maybe something with bacon?

The thing is I would never think of how to survive I’d just panic and scream the first five things that I’d miss off the top of my head. Who would really sit there and think up the best five things to survive? I mean even if they gave me a chance to reconsider and pointed out that drink would not be included I’d probably still forget something as essential as water as long as you give me my bloody Mars Bars!

I’d be so easy to torture too! Forget the Mars Bars one time and then my life will be over.

I don’t do good with food!