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The Great Problem Solver : Knowledge is the key?

“I love Doctor Who, I always have, I’ve watched it since I was a kid and have seen nearly every episode. The problem is that I don’t retain information really well, I can’t remember quotes or random characters that only every appeared once or twice in the history of the program, I constantly get mixed up with which Doctors did what and can never remember names of episodes. Because of this whenever I have conversations with fans and if I can’t remember what they are talking about and look confused they class me as a “new” fan and just pretending to care about the classic series. Is there anyway I can stop myself looking so useless?
-Forgetful Whovian
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Doctor Who : 50th Anniversary Trailer tonight after Strictly Come Dancing!

So it has been announced that there will be a trailer depicting all 11 faces of the Doctor in one minute long trailer at 8:20pm tonight.

Exciting news! Or so you would think.

I get where some people are coming from with disappointment that it isn’t including footage from the 50th but to be very honest…. It is still a trailer, it is something they have decided to share with us and I’m excited! I don’t think its a waste of time, some of these people calling it a waste were the ones moaning that they didn’t do anything to promote the 50th, well now they are with colourized hi-def William Hartnell!

Personally whether the second trailer (we have been told there will be two on some sites) gives anything away or not, whether I have to actually sit down on the 23rd to see a whole, completely unspoilered episode of Doctor Who celebrating 50 years of a show I’ve watched since I was a little kid, well…… It doesn’t matter. Because in just over a month I’ll be sitting down watching a whole new episode of Doctor Who celebrating 50 years of the show, and I’m quite happy I haven’t seen anything of it yet!

I’m sure the trailer will be magnificent!