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My Week as a Playlist Week 29

So this week I’m doing something different because… Well my week has consisted of writing anime reviews and being ill with a few days of work at either end of the week. So I’m gonna go back in time and talk about 4… MAYBE a few more songs from my teenage years and why they’ve stuck with me.

Like this might be a mega playlist.

You’re welcome.

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My Life as a Playlist Week 13

This week has been strange. It has been up and down and surprisingly surprising. I don’t know if I can sum it up in 4 songs but I’m gonna try.

Just to make it clear it isn’t always songs that lyrics mean something. I was asked on Twitter the other day why sometimes I quote lyrics and write really meaningful things whilst other times I just post a song and that is pretty much it. Like sometimes a song just means something for its own reason whether its from a movie I became obsessed with or like this week a song that I danced too when I went out, sometimes I’ve had a emotional week and its the words of songs that give me meaning… Just don’t think too much about it I guess.

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