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My Life as a Playlist Week 34

Yes I know, I know. Not only did the streak end but week 33 just didn’t happen. In fact recently nothing has been happening and its a mixture of depression, anxiety, hard work and being in so much pain that if I’m not at work being forced to be awake I’m at home either crying in pain or napping to get away from the pain.

I don’t really want to dwell on the pain and the crying right now, some terrible news was passed to me today which I don’t have the time to really digest right now seeing I still have two more days of work so a complete cop out week is in order.

Remember I did that ridiculous blog with my childhood songs? Well here are four, only four I promise, from my actual CHILD childhood that mean nothing personally other then being things I listened too before I was old enough to know better or have much choice. I’ll hope to have a blog out latter in the week explaining everything. At least by Thursday.

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My Life as a Playlist Week 32

I’m at a creative loss this week.

In other words since I got home I’ve sat and listened to about 3 hours of music, I’ve scrolled through a million other songs and I’ve even tried to write down how my week has been and….. Nothing.

To be honest it doesn’t even feel like Sunday.

I really am at a loss to what to do because I have no inspiration at all, I just want to cuddle up to my pillow, watch the Cultaholic Podcast and go to sleep.

OK this week I’m just naming my four favourite episodes of the Cultaholic Podcast. Before anyone says anything YES they could all be the episodes with Adam on them but they won’t be. Hopefully. I doubt it. Maybe. I promise not to put Adam’s episodes in there just because.

Allow me at least one.

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My Week as a Playlist Week 31

So another week has gone and we’re still on our streak. I pretty much did a proper blog last week after a cop out the week before. This time… I dunno, I’ve managed to pick seven, count them SEVEN, songs I THINK I can do something with so lets see what we get.

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My Week as a Playlist Week 29

So this week I’m doing something different because… Well my week has consisted of writing anime reviews and being ill with a few days of work at either end of the week. So I’m gonna go back in time and talk about 4… MAYBE a few more songs from my teenage years and why they’ve stuck with me.

Like this might be a mega playlist.

You’re welcome.

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My Life as a Playlist Week 28

You’ve heard it all before. I’m just trying to come up with things as best I can. I think these ones are turning more philosophical and long reaching then anything else, I mean I’ve come to the conclusion that other than once in a blue moon I don’t actually have much going on in my life that is gonna come up that needs to be discussed.

Hell even only in certain ways would Dolly Parton’s 9-5 be useful, I mean all I do is work and get ready to work some more but I don’t work 9-5, sure I’m barely getting by and its driving me crazy but I need those pennies so that I can buy games and shit.

Plus like who really wants weeks of me quoting Dolly at them?

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