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365 Challenge : Cupid’s Arrow

According to the shops, this one time a year,
I get to tell you just how I feel.
With overpriced goodies,
You are sure to get the deal.

Everything you do should lead up to this day,
When I can tell you just what I need to say.

I am not cleaning the dishes any more. Get off your ass and do it yourself. Also get a hair cut.

Happy Valentine’s Day

As always at the last minute I was asked to draw something for Valentines Day WHILST working and having to do 100 other things. So I have a half finished drawing which I have to share straight off my phone!


It is also, unfortunately, the wrong way round. I will change that when I get home tonight!

Of course if you are alone on Valentines don’t get all grumpy and upset! There is no limit on the things you are allowed to love. I’ve brought the co-worker I’m working with a card, she’s buying MaccyDs for us and when I get home I shall watch myself some Bottom whilst cuddling into my Lionhearts t-shirt and playing Game of Thrones. Because at the end of the day if you don’t have anyone and your friends are all loved up, busy or miserable you can always love yourself.

As always be safe and happy!