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VOD : The Wolf Among Us // Episode 1 ~We a BIG BAD WOLF BOI NOW~ Also… Update kinda

So as you all know I stream a few times a week over on Twitch and last week we did a giant stream streaming the first 4 episodes of The Wolf Among Us, we did then finish the final episode during the week but I recorded them all separately so they are in easy to view bite sized chunks.

Here is Episode 1 where we decide what kind of Wolfie we gonna be.

Not only that but to reach affiliate we needed 50 followers on Twitch, we are currently at 43! I never really thought I would reach affiliate status and right now I’m so close yet still in some ways so far so if you have Twitch and want to help us out please go follow me over there!


As for the Update….

I feel like I keep posting updates then not doing anything and there is a reason for that.

Ever since I was ill I’ve struggled to keep my attention on anything for any length of time. Whilst I can stream because I have people in my chat talking to me or at the heart of it I’m just playing a game when it comes to paying attention to TV or writing I’ve struggled a whole bunch.

I have done batches of reviews and edits in the last week or so it is just hard to concentrate and get things finished.

In fact it is so bad I struggle to even stay awake for long periods of time. Whether it is because of my depression, anxiety or just getting over being ill I have been napping quite a bunch which isn’t helpful at all.

Again I don’t mean for the streaming to ever take away from the writing but my mental health has been pretty poor for a number of months, even before isolation and all that kicked in, and it is just easier to focus on something that I don’t have to put as much effort into unlike writing.

That being said we are slowly making our way through reviews and have a few ready to be sent out next week, we are eyeing up what series we want to start and hoping to have them running throughout the end part of next week as well. All the movie reviews and things like that which I worked on when I didn’t have a laptop will also soon see the light of day.

It is just very hard sometimes to sit down and focus.

One last thing is we also have a Discord now! OK right now it is mainly to do with the streams but we would love more people to join, if we get many interested in anime we might branch the anime section off into its own thing! So join us over there too!


I’m back!

Hey guys!

You know what I’ve always said, if I can have something go wrong at the worst time I’ll have something go wrong at the worst time and that is what happened to me on April 1st.

There I was overnight, minding my own business and downloading the new Mount & Blade game when suddenly everything went wrong. In the end at 2am something had managed to corrupt my D drive (which was the major drive for my laptop) and as I was fixing it the entire OS just got deleted. I was crying let me tell you that and in the end had to splash out for a new PC.

Yes you heard it right I’ve actually gone and got myself a desktop instead of replacing it with a laptop.

I did ask the others to write something so you all knew what was happening but none of them wanted to… Thanks guys…

As of a hour ago my new PC arrived, I’ve got it all set up and I’m even going to stream for a little bit to see how this thing holds up.

Reviews, randomness and everything else will resume over the weekend as we have to get a lot of things done and ready for the new season of anime. I also haven’t been sat twiddling my thumbs, with no access to a computer I found myself more motivated to do things so every movie I’ve watched I’ve reviewed in my notebook to be transferred onto the site ASAP.

Hope you have all been well!

If any of you are free then feel free to pop along in about 10 minutes to https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89 we will be playing Marbles which is a interactive Twitch game we can all play along with. We are currently extremely close to our goal of 50 followers (we’re on 33) so come give us a follow!

Weekend Update!

I do intend to write something every few days during the Lockdown and here we are!

There isn’t much new to report here, I’m back to work on Monday and even have a special letter saying that I’m a essential worker which is a weird thing seeing that most people think that retail workers are below them. My throat is still shot, my nerve damage is playing up and my depression and anxiety are not doing well.


Thanks to my favourite streamers and their communities I’m doing OK. Most of them have been streaming every day, there has been a lot of chilling with Animal Crossing and Disney+ has given me every series of Simpsons to binge.

Whilst my doctor and therapist don’t want me to go back to work and I’ve just given up on trying to sort out everything that they and my managers want me to sort out I’m looking forward to working because I realised that in two weeks I’ve barely been outside, barely seen anyone and maybe need to actually maybe go back for my own mental health reasons.

My favorite streamer streams from 8pm-5am UK time seeing he’s West Coast USA so I need to stop staying up watching him and get back to actually living in UK time as much as it’ll hurt not being active in that community though at the same time it’ll be good to be social IRL instead of just over the computer.

So how about you guys?

Who is making sure to go out for their hour exercise? Have you started doing something you’ve put off because of working usually? Are you working from home and life is basically the same as always just the scenery has changed? Anyone binge anything interesting?

Are you doing one thing a day to make you happy? If you are coped up with other people are you making sure to have a little bit of time to yourself every day?

Keep your spirits up and I hope you all are well!

Diary #36 : COVID-19 and update

So I really have to apologise but we have got super behind on everything right at the end of the season at that.

Thing is I’ve been super sick basically since the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hit the UK a week and a bit ago. At one point I was very worried I had caught it but it became obvious I probably just had a sore throat that because I have a bad immune system and get sicker then most when I get sick, and find I catch everything going, just managed to absolutely destroy me in the last week and a bit.

That isn’t a excuse to why things got behind, they were getting that way before I even got sick. That is down to depression and the fact that panic buying had already started up and the stress of work was weighing heavy on me.

I still have a few days of self isolation left and I’m being told that for mental health reasons I might want to take a few more days off but that is personal stuff I don’t need to go into, the reason I bring it up is because I need to try and focus now on regaining some of the momentum I brought into this year.

So the update part of this is basically to let you all know that I will be slowly, hopefully getting back up to date. The stupid thing is I have drafts of so many shows DONE ready to be posted but it is finding that little bit of strength to log in and do stuff as my anxiety and depression leave me basically a potato incapable of doing much.

Below is the COVID-19 stuff…

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