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The Walking Dead : First Time Again

Season 6 of The Walking Dead started off where we left it. Or at least not far off into the future. Seeing I only really caught up with the series again half way through last series it feels strange to say that I’ve actually missed the show, though that might be thanks more to Fear the Walking Dead (which Rick reviewed on here) which didn’t interest me much but made me long for the cast of The Walking Dead.

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Doctor Who : Before the Flood

Last week was a spectacle to behold. For the first time in this series (OK it is only three episodes old!) it felt like Doctor Who was back on our screens so we were very excited to see the conclusion to the story.

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Scream Queens : Haunted House

You’d think at some point this show would run out of people to kill? The thing is every week people seem to die but at the same time the cast doesn’t feel like its getting any smaller. Strange world really…. Though the bodies are all disappearing.

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Gotham : The Last Laugh

Episode three of the second season of Gotham feels like a season finale with the big players within Manix making a big play.

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Fear the Walking Dead : The Good Man

The final episode in the first season concluded on Sunday evening. The main cast went on their way to find the group that had been taken to the military facility.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 2

After splitting the couples nicely into two shows last week we have a mega bumper addition of Strictly this week which then ends tomorrow with the results show.

Like the two seasons we’ve attempted to cover before after announcing we would pay attention to everything we kind of didn’t so we haven’t seen any training or interviews all week. Oh well on with the show.

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Gotham : Knock, Knock

I didn’t think too much of the season opener but looking back I’m not sure I’ve ever been that keen on many of their “big” episodes finding that the first season worked more as a whole then on a individual episode level.

Seeing this is part one of a story of three episodes I will actually hold my breath and hope for the best.

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