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What we do in the Shadows : Pilot

The Mocumentary film of the same name was hilarious and now the BBC have brought a TV series to life starring one of our favourite and loud comedians Matt Berry.

So obviously we were going to give it a watch.

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Ghosts : Getting Out

So we’ve come to a end of our stay with all our friendly Ghosts at Button Manor but the question is will Alison and Mike be sticking around or have they finally found their way out of being haunted by a bunch of eccentric idiots.

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Ghosts : Gorilla War

Episode 2

A house full of ghosts from various different time periods, a modern couple wanting to turn the house into a hotel and a accident that brings the two worlds together.

It actually sounds like a pretty decent drama just… It isn’t. It is a fantastically funny story brought to us by the Horrible History/Yonderland group.

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Ghosts : Who Do You Think you Are?

Episode 1

A brand new show from the Horrible Histories guys and gals see them haunting a old house on BBC One.

I will not lie that I have been looking forward to this show since it was announced what their next project was going to be and went into this with so much excitement.

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