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Kid Scares : Are You Afraid of the Dark vs Goosebumps

We all grew up with both shows. For us in the UK “Are You Afraid of the Dark” was one of those shows that got forgotten about because no everyone had Nickelodeon whilst everyone knew of “Goosebumps” thanks to it being a spin off of a book series.

Both were aimed at scaring kids but was one better at it then the other?

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Scream Queens : Haunted House

You’d think at some point this show would run out of people to kill? The thing is every week people seem to die but at the same time the cast doesn’t feel like its getting any smaller. Strange world really…. Though the bodies are all disappearing.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 2

After splitting the couples nicely into two shows last week we have a mega bumper addition of Strictly this week which then ends tomorrow with the results show.

Like the two seasons we’ve attempted to cover before after announcing we would pay attention to everything we kind of didn’t so we haven’t seen any training or interviews all week. Oh well on with the show.

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