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Heroes Reborn : Brave New World / Odessa

What feels like a long time ago now there was a series that become extremely popular and introduced us to some amazing characters with amazing super powers.

Love it or hate it the series lasted for four seasons.

Now its back with a new story and new Heroes.

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Gotham : Knock, Knock

I didn’t think too much of the season opener but looking back I’m not sure I’ve ever been that keen on many of their “big” episodes finding that the first season worked more as a whole then on a individual episode level.

Seeing this is part one of a story of three episodes I will actually hold my breath and hope for the best.

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Fear the Walking Dead : Colbalt

The penultimate episode of Season One ups the general discord of the whole camp leading to some rather unfortunate actions.
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Scream Queens : Hell Week

The murder frenzy continues as Kappa Kappa Tau continues to stumble through Hell Week whilst bodies just keep dropping.

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Doctor Who : The Witches Familiar

I wasn’t that impressed with the opening episode of Doctor Who’s brand new series but you can’t judge a two-parter on the basis of its first episode without giving it a chance of redeeming the story in the second!

Though I do always feel Doctor Who, when doing two-parters, should have each individual episode as watchable without the other as any other episode. But that is a discussion for another time.

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Fear The Walking Dead : Not Fade Away

By the end of the last episode we’d seen the military roll in and start to take charge, this completely changes the dynamic of the whole series and as it is one of the only areas we haven’t really seen yet in the main show, never having really met up with a “safe zone” guarded by military, it’ll be a interesting dynamic to witness.

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Fear The Walking Dead : The Dog

I enjoyed the last episode a lot better then I did the first. It made you really think about how you’d react in the characters shoes, it showed how easily a group of people can grow and riots are a great place for infection to spread and how easy it is to start a riot. It shows how strangers can end up grouped together in the middle of everything.

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