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Doctor Who : Orphan 55

Doctor Who came back to our screens with a very dramatic start and I loved it. Master and all.

Now with the Master out of the way it is time for more adventures with the Doctor, Graham, Yas and Ryan. This time to a spa.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Watchmen : A God Walks into Abar

Episode 8

Well that was a shocking end to the last episode. Now we have this episode and boy is this episode amazing.

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Watchmen : An Almost Religious Awe

Episode 7

With Will’s story now told, how he managed to get Judd to hang himself and Angela safe, in some ways, out of her Nostalgia high we can move on back to the present and see how the characters react to what they have learnt.

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Watchmen : This Extraordinary Being

Episode 6

Once again I’m sorry that I’m so late with this review but here it is. This episode see’s the fallout to Angela taking all of the Nostalgia pills in the last episode, in other words we’ll be seeing just what Will went through back in the late 30s.

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Silicon Valley : RussFest

Episode 6

Guys. This is it. The penultimate episode. We have this and one other episode left before never having a moment with the boys ever again.

What better way to start the final two episodes of this fantastic show then one more run with Russ Hanneman?

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