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Diary #37 : Sickness and Sleep

There is a very good reason I’m writing this nonsense right now.

One thing I hate is napping, I have extreme time anxiety and get very anxious and depressed when I waste time during the day napping. The same happens if I wake up late. Therefore being sick is the worst thing in the world for me as all I want to do is nap and nap is all I’ve been doing.

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Another Brick in the Mall (7 Hours Played)

Everyone who ever gets to know me knows that I love these types of game. Grew up with Theme Park and all that, love building just about anything and having the fun of having to micro-manage it and bring it all together.

I was looking at what offers came up this week when I got home last night and just the name “Another Brick in the Mall” fascinated me, when I saw that it was a build your own mall game I brought it right away for £7.99 and then today, my day off of working in a supermarket I might add, I jumped straight into the game and was very happy with the results.

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