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DEFIANT Wrestling : We Are Defiant

I know I missed the last two episodes of Loaded and never caught up. Lets just forget that. I also know I’m extremely late even watching this iPPV, I’ve just been busy. But here we are at the start of a new era, I’ve just signed up to Access Defiant and now I’m paying £7.99 a month for it I might as well continue with my reviews of the shows.

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WCPW : Loaded 17th August 2017

With a ending like the last episode had and the build up to what could be one hell of a match, Loaded this week has a lot to live up to.

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WCPW : Stacked 2017

There is a good chance this is going to come out before this week’s episode of Loaded but it was just nice to once be home to actually watch something live for a change.

Plus what a line up to get to see!

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WCPW : Loaded 10th August 2017

After a breathtaking return we’re back for what looks to be just as crazy and brilliant a show as last weeks what with Travis Banks facing Gabriel Kidd for the Internet Championship and Marty Scurll vs Joe Hendry for the WCPW title.

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WCPW : Loaded 3rd August 2017

With the Qualifiers now up to date I’m getting up to date with Loaded. Having WhatCulture Extra, because I just love WhatCulture so much, I do get to see it first out of the three places Loaded is being aired (first on Extra, then on Twitch and lastly on YouTube) but that means nothing when I end up working all the time and never get a moment to watch anything…

Still. I’m here.

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