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Gotham : Rise of the Villains : Damned if you Do….

I can not tell you how impressed I was with the first season of Gotham. The second season looks to be even better. I’ve been waiting for it to premier but where do we go from here?

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Gotham : The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Another big name is being dragged out this week and that name is Crane. With Gotham’s ever growing villain gallery I’m hoping for something special this week.

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Gotham : Harvey Dent

Note : I am sorry this review has taken so long to be published, I honestly thought I had completed it and posted it but it has been here in the drafts all week. So I apologize.

As the title of the thread says we get an introduction to another fan favorite this week. One of the men credited for the continued attempt to clean up the streets of Gotham, Harvey Dent.

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Gotham : The Mask

The game has changed ever so slightly, the pieces on the chessboard (and yes I can imagine Robin Lord Taylors Penguin easily playing chess with the pieces carved like the characters) is starting to move and the players are starting to become clear.

Last week Gordon (and a drunk Bullock) made a stand that won’t be forgotten too soon.

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Gotham : Spirit of the Goat

Another episode and another one off villain holding the story together as we once more build the characters, relationships and tension to the upcoming war.

This time though the episode worked.

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Gotham : Viper

The politics of Gotham really shined in the last episode (Arkham) bringing the big name gang families to the front. Falcone ended up on the losing end but unknown to Maroni he might have won the battle for Arkham but he’s been infiltrated by Oswald Cobblepot.

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Gotham Episode 2 Selina Kyle

We had a very strong opening episode last week, we’ll see if the show can keep the momentum going into the second episode. And as the title gives away we’re getting to know the future Cat Women a little better.

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