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The Promised Neverland : 291045

Episode 4

Training for the big escape is being ramped up as they set a date for their escape whilst also trying to figure out just who the traitor is.

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The Promised Neverland : 181045

Episode 3

To escape the farm was already one of the most impossible tasks that Emma, Ray and Norman could ever come across but how could it possibly get more impossible?

With Mom calling in reinforcements…

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Anime Highlights Week 1

We have decided to do a run down every week of bits and pieces from the different anime we watch. A bit like our 5 Things… blog just these don’t have a limit on how many points they have, eventually we are planning on making it into a Podcast but at the moment we just wanted to highlight some of our favourite things on a weekly basis from across the board.

Usually we want to have these out on a Sunday but we had a busy week last week and we still haven’t actually made our minds up on what we are and aren’t watching so these are just a tiny handful of things from the first week of the Winter season from the four shows we’ve watched so far that have stood out.

Week 1 then…. New Anime starts.

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