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Amanda’s Diary #3

30 July 2014

Gardening always was a joy… Our front garden has been kept neat and tidy from one of the next door neighbours, they noticed that it was getting a bit long so cut it down for us, our back garden now looks like a jungle, and with Marcey’s rock bang in the middle of its tiny crater gardening is more like a fight against nature now.

It would never have gotten this bad if our mysterious knocking hadn’t taken us away from our day-to-day lives!

So where was I?!

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Amanda’s Diary #2

23rd July 2014

So… It has been a while. I’m sorry about that! January seems a long time ago, well it seems even longer away now. So many exciting things have happened to me and Marcey, so many adventures and so many tragedies.

Whist I sit here on top of a giant rock that Marcey flew and dropped into our back garden (no the neighbours weren’t happy, yes there was a lot of damage) I try and remember how it all began!

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Amanda’s Diary #1

20, January 2014

Dearest Readers.

This is my first diary to you. Hello dears! Hope you are all well.

I am Amanda, I’m not the oldest member of this blog or the youngest (aww look at Awerka being so young and cute!) I’m also not the most exciting or the most creative. I am just me.

So how does and ordinary girl like myself make an impression on a blog? A blog with much more interesting people?

I make a whole load of stuff up about myself! And write it in a diary that I share with you. Hows that sound?

So wipe all what you just read from your memory and let me introduce myself!

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