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Silicon Valley : RussFest

Episode 6

Guys. This is it. The penultimate episode. We have this and one other episode left before never having a moment with the boys ever again.

What better way to start the final two episodes of this fantastic show then one more run with Russ Hanneman?

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Silicon Valley : Maximizing Alphaness

Episode 4

A war has been won but at what price?

Whilst Pied Piper is still a thing, still chugging along, it can only be so long before something bad happens once more. I still really want the company to end its journey in a good place.

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Silicon Valley : Hooli Smokes!

Episode 3

Upsetting rich Chiliean, a weird friendship with Gavin Belson and even more painful break ups with Jared.

This season of Silicon Valley might be its last but it is honestly shaping up to be the absolute best season so far. It is a new problem faced in new ways but usually with the same general outcome.

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10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Second film in the Cloverfield Franchise see’s a completely different concept in a movie as vastly different from the first as you can get with similar ideas playing out…

With a much smaller cast headed by John Goodman, 10 Cloverfield Lane is not what you probably expect.

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