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Self Promotion Alert…

So, like… Hi!

I know we’ve all been very, ummm, not here recently which sucks. We do apologise about that. Lots of work things have come up and I find it hard to be motivated to do much when I’m tired (and I’m still technically ill and probably dying of something nasty but too lazy on the one or two days off I have to go see a doctor.)

BUT (and here comes the self promotion bit) something I DO do and now have a Ao3 account to post it to is write trash.

All sorts of trash.

Trashy Trash, Trash with no meaning, Fluffy Trash, Trash with no other name but Trash and just literally everything I write is trash because I can’t write.

I know some of you will wonder how I can write Fanfics and NOT stuff I need to on here. Its kind of soothing to write crap, not so much to put it up online for others to read but its my way of trying to get over myself.

So like… I only have the beginnings of a long boring story set in the Star Wars universe (Goddammit my love for Domhnall Gleeson reached new heights and I needed to create my own character to poke General Hux within a inch of his life) but I do plan on uploading some of my old One Piece stuff (and maybe finish it) as well as my other stuff.

So go give me a read!


Now I shall disappear again. Maybe do some work. Hopefully.

365 Challenge : Bedtime Story

When I was a kid I think the bedtime story that I was in love with was possibly Funny Bones! I can’t remember any others before that but I would have already been quite old by then!

I don’t think Funny Bones did anything to my life.

If we’re going by books I think possibly changed my life it would probably be the Secret Garden. It opened my eyes a lot in a certain way, not to look at things from the outside and to always look through the eyes of amazement of everything I see. Look for the beauty in things.

It also made me fall in love with gardening. The thought of seeing things growing and having to look after them. It made me want a secret garden all of my own.

For someone who reads a lot though I do struggle to remember books I read when I was a child!

365 Challenge : Happily Ever After

I think the concept of Happily Ever After is stupid.

Life would not be worth living if one event meant you lived a trouble free life from that point on.

Struggles in life is what makes us human. You learn from mistakes, you grow as a person, you meet people that you’d much rather not have but all these little things gives you a life worth living. Even with the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect partner and the best things happening that you could imagine something negative will happen at some point.

In fairy tales happily ever after is usually begun by marriage. In our times you see the amount of people who enter into these unions just to break it once again, you might be happy for a year, ten years even more but there can always be that day that breaks you.

Instead of waiting for a Happily Ever After moment you should strive to live for the moment. Something bad will always happen at some point but facing it all with a positive attitude instead of facing it with blind, childish belief that fairy tales are real is the way to live life.

Only a fool would believe they’ve had a “Happily Ever After” moment.

Amanda’s Diary #2

23rd July 2014

So… It has been a while. I’m sorry about that! January seems a long time ago, well it seems even longer away now. So many exciting things have happened to me and Marcey, so many adventures and so many tragedies.

Whist I sit here on top of a giant rock that Marcey flew and dropped into our back garden (no the neighbours weren’t happy, yes there was a lot of damage) I try and remember how it all began!

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