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Sherlock Holmes Nemesis (9 hours played)

[This is a series of game reviews I did a LONG time ago when I originally played them and they just never got posted. So enjoy.]

Another game from the Steam Sale. The whole original series of Sherlock Holmes games. I wanted to try them out so it was obviously a great deal for me.

The first one I played matched the top notch detective against a French thief by the name of Arsene Lupine,

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My Time At Portia Initial Thoughts (19 Hours)

I keep coming back to this review and having to change the hours played on it. My Time At Portia is a Early Access game that I picked up on Monday and have honestly been obsessed with since.

If that isn’t going to tell you all you need to know I don’t know what will.

EDIT : I thought I had published this and went and played another 5 hours of the game SOME of the things I talk about I already NOW know the answer to so like I’m not changing it because I’m lazy and it was meant to be out 5 hours ago but also I know a 5 hours more knowledge then I did when I wrote it.

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Stardew Valley Initial Thoughts (21 hours played)

More like a warning about this game. Plus my excuse for not doing anything…

So warning… This game is EXTREMELY addictive and you will lose your life and gain a new one. That doesn’t technically mean you WANTED a new life of course but who wouldn’t want to live on a farm with chickens?

(You don’t actually need to live with Chickens but I love chickens so I have three. Matilda, Sophie and Madam Cluck…)

EDIT : Just to add when I started writing this review I had 21 hours on the clock. I’m so obsessed with it that I got bored writing about it and went back to playing it. Two to three days later and I’ve amassed 36 hours on this game now. So that warning up there? Please be ready to give up your life before playing…

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