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VOD : Shawn the Hero ~FFVII ~ Welcome to Monday Farm ~ New Stardew Farm

Two VODS for you!

We started off the adventures of Shawn everyone’s favourite hero in FFVII. I fail to get picked by Don Coreno before losing my mind in Shinra tower.

Then later we offed Karen and created MONDAY FARM! A new Stardew Farm where we plan on bringing the evils of Joja to Stardew Valley.

Check us out on Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89
And join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/8k7Hx87

We playing Switch games tomorrow starting at 8am GMT (maybe earlier) and testing out the Elgato ahead of Animal Crossing next week.

VODs and more apologies!

So here are two of the three VODs I need to get up

The third is taking forever to upload but will be posted when I can.

The apology is that I’ve gotten so behind on the anime this week and I feel so bad but mentally I have been in no state to write. I can’t concentrate on watching things. The streams didn’t effect that I was meant to be doing things yesterday but I just couldn’t which is super sad. I didn’t do anything yesterday.

Good news is that regardless of my personal problems I have a lot of time off coming up including 3 days off starting Sunday. I should be able to get a bunch of stuff done after work tomorrow and then on Sunday without it effecting me too badly, I then have Monday as a stream day to do another chapter of Danganronpa and Tuesday to wing it (no anime we review comes out on Tuesday so maybe finishing what I have left and another stream.)

Streaming has been really helpful in stopping me from just blanking out and doing nothing, it was nice to actually be able to focus on something semi important.

We have done so well for like three months on getting stuff out on time that I feel ultra bad for messing up but I just need to kind of… focus on getting through tomorrow.

Thank you for not hating me too much!

The Anxiety Experiment #8 : Stardew Valley Random Nothing with my Main

We’re back!

There was even a dinosaur!

Yes after yesterday’s announcement from Amanda I could hardly NOT stream today so we came back and there is a whole bunch to tell you!

Also because I am going to stream more often please feel free to follow us on Twitch to know when we go live. We’d love to have some people in the chat at some point and have a whole bunch of games ready to play!


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Why Stardew Valley possibly remains my favourite game of the entire decade

Since I was a kid I have played video games. From learning to play them on my mum’s Commodore 64 to spending all my free time playing my Mega Drive or Saturn or the dear little Dreamcast.

I have to admit I might not have played any of the biggest games of the decade, I barely have the money to afford games most of the year, but the ones I do pick up tend to be ones that I fall in love with and none as much as that little Indie farming game that took the world by storm and won the hearts of millions.

That being Stardew Valley.

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The Anxiety Experiment #6 : Stardew Valley EVIL EDITION

Hey guys! So I came back. Not that I’ve been gone anywhere and we started streaming a “Evil” play through of Stardew Valley.

Meet Karen, a Joja loving misery guts that is going to spend all her money on destroying Stardew Valley. Yes I’m doing the Joja route and it is boring as hell but I speak for nearly 2 hours straight and whilst my voice is annoying you do not know how hard it was for me!

(This post was originally meant to come out last night but I got distracted and forgot to post it and it was still open when I woke up this morning. Sorry.)

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Stardew Valley : Why Shane?

So I saw a interview with the creator of Stardew Valley and was happy to see I’m obviously not the only person who was disappointed finding out that even though he’s single and living with his aunt Shane is not a candidate for marriage.

It was a sad SAD moment in my life after spending so much time making the village grinch like me to find out that I’d have to pick between one of many jocks, the emo or the guy that I thought was a girl to have fall in love with my character.

There was the feeling of “I don’t know why” about it all which got me wondering why Shane?

Yes, I thought seeing I’m obsessed with the game I might as well over analysis why I want my character to fall in love and marry one of the other characters. It beats just not posting at all and makes it feel like I’ve done something other then just play the game for …. 51…. hours…..

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Stardew Valley Initial Thoughts (21 hours played)

More like a warning about this game. Plus my excuse for not doing anything…

So warning… This game is EXTREMELY addictive and you will lose your life and gain a new one. That doesn’t technically mean you WANTED a new life of course but who wouldn’t want to live on a farm with chickens?

(You don’t actually need to live with Chickens but I love chickens so I have three. Matilda, Sophie and Madam Cluck…)

EDIT : Just to add when I started writing this review I had 21 hours on the clock. I’m so obsessed with it that I got bored writing about it and went back to playing it. Two to three days later and I’ve amassed 36 hours on this game now. So that warning up there? Please be ready to give up your life before playing…

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