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Self Promotion Alert…

So, like… Hi!

I know we’ve all been very, ummm, not here recently which sucks. We do apologise about that. Lots of work things have come up and I find it hard to be motivated to do much when I’m tired (and I’m still technically ill and probably dying of something nasty but too lazy on the one or two days off I have to go see a doctor.)

BUT (and here comes the self promotion bit) something I DO do and now have a Ao3 account to post it to is write trash.

All sorts of trash.

Trashy Trash, Trash with no meaning, Fluffy Trash, Trash with no other name but Trash and just literally everything I write is trash because I can’t write.

I know some of you will wonder how I can write Fanfics and NOT stuff I need to on here. Its kind of soothing to write crap, not so much to put it up online for others to read but its my way of trying to get over myself.

So like… I only have the beginnings of a long boring story set in the Star Wars universe (Goddammit my love for Domhnall Gleeson reached new heights and I needed to create my own character to poke General Hux within a inch of his life) but I do plan on uploading some of my old One Piece stuff (and maybe finish it) as well as my other stuff.

So go give me a read!


Now I shall disappear again. Maybe do some work. Hopefully.