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One Punch Man : The Deep Sea King

Episode 8

“Shinkai no ō” (深海の王)

So my biggest question was answered last week. With the devestating powers that Saitama actually has how would the world react now that they can pin point just who it was that causes the destruction of their city whilst fighting “bad guys.”

As I said it was something that TV shows and movies have slightly tackled usually with flashes of interviews with normal people complaining about the destruction of their homes (kind of sometimes missing the point that they’d be dead if they hadn’t done something.) We saw how jealous heroes or even just rival heroes can use that to sway a group of people who should be grateful that they are alive (even without their brand new car) to hate the person that saved them and sow the seed of doubt that they even did what they were being credit for doing.

So where does Saitama go from here?

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