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365 Challenge : The Social Network

No I don’t get social networking at all. I have a Instagram that I use to see what Anna posts and have never posted a photo on there myself. I run the webpages Twitter account but you can see how much I don’t get it 1. by how small our follower count is and 2. with the news that most of them followed us when Anna took over and she didn’t even put much effort into it because she knows she’d just babble on too long about things that aren’t important!

Lets not get started on Facebook which I 100% don’t have.

Sometimes I think its just too much. When listening on Skype to the guys talk they go on and on about seeing this news on this site and something else on that site, when we all looked at each others home screen on our phone all of theirs were filled with apps that do the same basic thing. When I asked them how many different, unique people they talk to on each site they all said it was basically the same people.I think it just loses its importance in the end. I don’t see the point of it at all. Each one wants to be so different but in the end they are all pretty similar. Just because Twitter has shorter messages or whatever doesn’t stop it being the same old same old.Don’t think I’ll ever “get” social media! Then again its one of our tasks for this year to sort out our social media stuff. So that isn’t really a positive with that in mind!

365 Challenge : Apply Yourself

The last thing that I attempted that didn’t come naturally to me? That’s a hard one really as nothing comes easy to me!

You know what as silly as it sounds training myself to do this every day is probably the last thing. I’m not a online person, my phone barely comes online and I still have problems figuring out Twitter. The second something changes on the one or two things I do use I get so confused for weeks on end.

I don’t mind writing short stories and I don’t mind writing reviews but coming online every day and having something different to talk about, things that sometimes I struggle to write much about, is both exciting and hard for me. I spend so much time trying to figure out what to write about these things that sometimes it makes me laugh at how long it takes me. I’m not naturally very good at opening up or talking about myself and I’m also not very good at writing anything that is engaging to other people. Reviews are easy because you just describe what you saw or read. Writing about myself or just random subjects is hard.

Once or twice I’ve written things and don’t feel like I’ve done the subject any kind of justice and then its hard to come back the next day and write something else. I feel like I let myself and the people who always come and read and like what I’ve written, down.

If you think writing comes naturally to me it really doesn’t.

Hell half the time the struggle is just remembering what my username and password are! I’m not technical at all and everything from trying to be interesting on here and bring more people to the blog through what I write, and interacting with people on Twitter is so unnatural to me. I know I do a terrible job of both and it won’t be from me that this blog prospers in the future. Anna and Pete do a much better job as does Lucius.

Every day though I try to get on here and do the challenge, every day I go on Twitter and try to drum up some extra traffic, I try to make new commentators welcome enough to come back… It isn’t something natural to me but I try.

I guess the important thing is to always try and that is what I’m doing.