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Diary #37 : Sickness and Sleep

There is a very good reason I’m writing this nonsense right now.

One thing I hate is napping, I have extreme time anxiety and get very anxious and depressed when I waste time during the day napping. The same happens if I wake up late. Therefore being sick is the worst thing in the world for me as all I want to do is nap and nap is all I’ve been doing.

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Diary #36 : COVID-19 and update

So I really have to apologise but we have got super behind on everything right at the end of the season at that.

Thing is I’ve been super sick basically since the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hit the UK a week and a bit ago. At one point I was very worried I had caught it but it became obvious I probably just had a sore throat that because I have a bad immune system and get sicker then most when I get sick, and find I catch everything going, just managed to absolutely destroy me in the last week and a bit.

That isn’t a excuse to why things got behind, they were getting that way before I even got sick. That is down to depression and the fact that panic buying had already started up and the stress of work was weighing heavy on me.

I still have a few days of self isolation left and I’m being told that for mental health reasons I might want to take a few more days off but that is personal stuff I don’t need to go into, the reason I bring it up is because I need to try and focus now on regaining some of the momentum I brought into this year.

So the update part of this is basically to let you all know that I will be slowly, hopefully getting back up to date. The stupid thing is I have drafts of so many shows DONE ready to be posted but it is finding that little bit of strength to log in and do stuff as my anxiety and depression leave me basically a potato incapable of doing much.

Below is the COVID-19 stuff…

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Diary #35 : Another update + A proper end to the Anxiety Experiment

So I’ve been a bit of a bad but I’m trying to sort that out.

You might think I’ve put streaming before the website but that isn’t really true. I mean yeah I have been streaming a whole bunch when I might of wanted to be writing but there is a reason.

I’m going to go into that in a minute but because it is now a big part of my week and we are now kind of pretend trying to get to 50 followers just to see if we can I’ll put the link not only to our Twitch page but now our brand spanking new Discord server right here.

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89

Discord : https://discord.gg/yTTvzw

The update part of this is that I have notes, first drafts and all sorts of EVERYTHING (nearly) that needs to be updated. I just need to sit down and write it all out. Pet has been delayed because I didn’t realise that I had totally forgotten to get the week before lasts review out, I don’t think it was even written. Everything else will be out ASAP.

Doctor Who and Inside No. 9 I’m only just getting up to date with so I’ve been avoiding Amanda’s reviews to avoid spoilers (I know a bad way of doing things but I’ve been super excited about both shows but had no time to watch them) they will 100% be out TODAY.

This weeks stuff I will hopefully get working on tomorrow and the weekend.

I will try and balance streaming and writing much better going forward, with new hours at work which will hopefully make me a little more motivated that shouldn’t be too hard, I’ll have a proper schedule a week in advance for streaming too which I’ll post in Discord. If not this month next month I’m hoping to have emotes on Discord too.

Below is a reason why I’ve been streaming more but please feel free to follow us and join us on the Discord. It isn’t just about streaming and gaming we have channels for all sorts so we’d like you to join in and hang out with us.

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The Anxiety Experiment #7 : Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc – Prologue & Chapter 1

So notes. First up there are two videos not because I was great and finished a recording after the Prologue but because I stupidly turned off Streamlabs whilst trying to turn something else off and stopped my stream because I’m a moron.

Secondly when I started recording the second I put on Twitch in Chrome to check that the stream had started again and because my wire for my headphones is busted I didn’t realise that it was echoing in the background so for like 30 minutes of this video there might be a echo…

Also if you don’t know, Danganronpa is a Visual Novel so this basically means it is about 5 and a half hours all in all of me talking.

So enjoy my annoying voice.

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The Anxiety Experiment #6 : Stardew Valley EVIL EDITION

Hey guys! So I came back. Not that I’ve been gone anywhere and we started streaming a “Evil” play through of Stardew Valley.

Meet Karen, a Joja loving misery guts that is going to spend all her money on destroying Stardew Valley. Yes I’m doing the Joja route and it is boring as hell but I speak for nearly 2 hours straight and whilst my voice is annoying you do not know how hard it was for me!

(This post was originally meant to come out last night but I got distracted and forgot to post it and it was still open when I woke up this morning. Sorry.)

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The Anxiety Experiment #5 : Bear With Me Episode 3

Well… Yeah.

So I did this…

Straight after the last video I posted as a blog on here but then the blog for this episode just kind of ended up in my drafts as my physical pain started to get worse and my ability to do anything disappeared. So here it is, late as always but also the only thing I’ve kind of done because it has been painful to talk which means no streaming.

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Diary #34 : Pain. The Real Enemy.

So you might have noticed we did really well for a couple weeks and then last week everything just went to pot.

As always there is a reason and hopefully as this week rolls on it’ll stop being a reason that everything is held up and just disappear from my life for good. That reason is pain and I’ll explain a little about it below.

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The Anxiety Experiment #3 : Bear With Me Episode 2 Part 2

We still haven’t finished Episode 2 mainly down to time constraints, some down to me not finding a item I needed and a lot down to my internet/Streamlabs/Whatever playing up…


It is starting to get disheartening though.

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