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Diary #37 : Sickness and Sleep

There is a very good reason I’m writing this nonsense right now.

One thing I hate is napping, I have extreme time anxiety and get very anxious and depressed when I waste time during the day napping. The same happens if I wake up late. Therefore being sick is the worst thing in the world for me as all I want to do is nap and nap is all I’ve been doing.

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365 Challenge : Nightmares

The last nightmare I had might sound strange but it is a reoccurring one.

Its very simple, not very scary but its to do with work.

Always I’m late, or I’m meant to be doing something and am getting side tracked, or I’m talking to someone who suddenly turns into someone else.

Our store goes from being normal, to being the interior of my house, to being outside and all forms of craziness in between.

Every time I have this dream the conversations are similar but different and it is so vivid and real that I have to pinch myself when I wake up to believe that I’ve been dreaming. Conversations with work colleagues suddenly become difficult to shake and I have to be careful what I say when I talk to them next because I can’t remember if the conversations were real or not.

I personally class these as nightmares because for a start I go to sleep hoping to escape from normal life! Having to work for 8 hours or more a day then sleep for another 8 or so hours dreaming about it is not a good thing. It unnerves me and makes me twitchy for the next day. Worst of all though it just unsettles me completely from the moment I wake up to the moment I go back to sleep. I suddenly can’t deal with it and I’ll believe I’m late all day long or else time will run away from me and I WILL forget to do stuff.

Sometimes I wake up physically sick after one of those dreams.

It effects me more because its reality mixed in with the weird. Its always something that is mixed with reality that scares me more. It blurs very real lines and makes me double think myself.

I hate them! Apparently they are to do with stress though but I get them so often that it sometimes scares me from sleeping!


365 Challenge : Choose your adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion – Here’s the story so finish it yourself! We’d love to hear how you think the story ends!

Lying in bed can be one of the scariest things in the world. If you aren’t quite awake but still struggling to sleep that dozy feeling leaves you vulnerable. Jason hated this time, he hated the constant fear of what might happen if he didn’t fall asleep. Strange things happened to him when he didn’t sleep, they always had, he’d looked it up online and other people like him had seen or heard something strange in these moments.

It was when the lights started to flicker that Jason knew that it was beginning. The banging outside his door didn’t do anything to wake him up more, it was terrifying yet he stayed the way he was. Lying there.

The banging was getting louder and louder until suddenly it was right outside his door.

Jason told himself that it was just a dream and rolled over to face the door. Nothing would be coming through it even though it sounded like something scratching along the surface. Nothing ever did. The question was if this wasn’t real why was the door slowly opening? Was it his imagination? Slowly it creaked open…..