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Freddy vs Jason (2003)

In 2003 the event all horror fans were waiting for happened. After Freddy pulled Jason to hell in 1993 we finally got to see what it was that Freddy did to him. The most charismatic Slasher killer meets possibly the most boring Slasher Monster.

You go into the movie hoping for a epic showdown between these two icons. In actuality you get a much more complex story, for one of them the story of survival for the other… The same old stomping around killing people. The Friday franchise gets mixed into the much more complex story driven world of the Nightmare series and everyone’s Nightmares come to life…

In more ways then one.

Who cares about Jason though when we have FREDDY!!!

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Jason X (2001)

After the good part of a decade away from our screens Jason returned in a all new adventure once more moving out of the normal Jason wakes up from wherever he’s been left and goes on a rampage by Camp Crystal Lake or wherever he’s unfortunately been moved to (which now includes New York) to Jason wakes up on Space ship and causes havoc.

The last Jason film really before the remake in 2009 and one of the least popular by far, not really explaining how he got from hell to a bunker in the first place let alone having to deal with all the space adventures.

Saying that for me Jason X was actually the first Jason movie I saw and therefore stays the definitive Jason movie for me. You can say a bit like Doctor Who and having Your Doctor for me this is My Jason.

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Friday the 13th Part 8 : Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Our reviews of the Jason films have been a bit cruel so far, we have enjoyed ourselves though regardless.

In 1989 (the year both me and Anna were born) Jason left his normal home of Camp Crystal Lake and found himself taking a boat cruise to Manhattan.

One of the least liked films, it has been critically panned. Right now we all kind of feel like what else could go wrong?

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Friday the 13th : The New Blood (1988)

After the critical success of Jason lives it feels strange that it took till 1988 for Jason to return to our screens.

This time we go proper supernatural. I don’t really count zombification supernatural so a psychic is the most supernatural thing so far in Friday Franchise.

It is also the first movie to see Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees. For most this is seen as the movie that created the iconic “definitive” Jason, it just took seven movies (two of which he didn’t actually kill anyone) for that to happen.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

We are going a little out of sink with the movies. When looking at these series we will be looking at the remakes too so it was only fair that we end with the 2010 remake that starred Jackie Earle Haley as the iconic Master of Dreams in the first film to star Freddy Krueger and not have Robert Englund play him.

The remake decided to go down a completely different path once more. It said goodbye to the old mythology behind the character and created its own and reinvented Nightmare’s in its own way.

The movie isn’t held in high acclaim but for me it did what the majority of other remakes failed and actually tried to do things differently.

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Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)

Only 3 years after The Final Nightmare the man who created Freddy and hadn’t been involved in the series since Dream Warriors, Wes Craven, returned to pen and direct a new Krueger movie.

This turned out to be the final movie for nearly a decade for the Dream Master and also marks the final outing of Robert Englund’s Freddy in a singular movie (the next movie and last movie Englund played Freddy is the crossover Freddy vs Jason.)

The movie moves away from the setting of the original run of movies and reinvents Freddy and the situation in a new and well done manner.

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Freddy’s Dead : The Final Nightmare (1991)

The Sixth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street series claims to be the final installment. Set ten years after the last movie and with all the teenagers/children of Springwood dead Freddy is going to find that he needs to spread his wings if he wants any more victims.

Released in 1991 The Final Nightmare was the first Freddy film outside of the 80s and had the biggest opening weekend of all the Freddy films before Freddy vs Jason. A all new cast, same old Freddy, same old Nightmare.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 : The Dream Child (1989)

I get to review the fifth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. By now the 80s had been deprived of sleep by Freddy, scared to watch TV, scared to sleep on water beds if Amanda is anything to go by. Plenty of teens had fallen to the hands of, or claws of even, Freddy Krueger.

It has been a patchy ride though with the first and third films being remembered as classics and the second and fourth being so-so.

The fifth is the last of the 80s outings for everyone’s favourite Nightmare.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 : The Dream Master (1988)

In 1988 the fourth installment of the Freddy Krueger film series was released. Once more Wes Craven stepped away from the writing of the story as a brand new set of nightmares prevailed.

Starring the survivors of the last film and a whole new cast of Teenagers for Freddy to terrorize this film also managed to become the highest grossing Nightmare on Elm Street film until Freddy vs Jason.

It also stared a doggy called Jason who brought Freddy back from death by peeing on him.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors (1987)

I felt cheated out of a proper Freddy movie so I get to do probably my favourite of the series. Wes Craven came back to help write the movie and we re-enter the dream worlds of Freddy instead of having him join us in our world.

It also saw the return of Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and a whole new plot to bring down the master of the realms of sleep. Much more like the first movie then the second one we go back to the over the top murders, the teenagers being picked off one by one and we even get to learn more about Freddy.

The third of the franchise is seen as being the best one bar the original so we’ll have to see about that!

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