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Diary #37 : Sickness and Sleep

There is a very good reason I’m writing this nonsense right now.

One thing I hate is napping, I have extreme time anxiety and get very anxious and depressed when I waste time during the day napping. The same happens if I wake up late. Therefore being sick is the worst thing in the world for me as all I want to do is nap and nap is all I’ve been doing.

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Week 9

2nd March – 8th March

As I said at the end of the last blog, the one that came out only a few days ago because I was so ill and down I couldn’t finish it and just gave up, the ending of February was all about surviving whilst the beginning of March, the very FIRST DAY of March, was about losing my shit.

Determination to make things better didn’t come about until now. Usually I do my best to write the entries either at the end of the day or else the next day or so. I’m writing a good deal of this on the Thursday, my lack of energy, worth and motivation meant that most of the week I was just surviving. The determination that I wouldn’t drown came today. Thursday.

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