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365 Challenge : Choose your adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion – Here’s the story so finish it yourself! We’d love to hear how you think the story ends!

Lying in bed can be one of the scariest things in the world. If you aren’t quite awake but still struggling to sleep that dozy feeling leaves you vulnerable. Jason hated this time, he hated the constant fear of what might happen if he didn’t fall asleep. Strange things happened to him when he didn’t sleep, they always had, he’d looked it up online and other people like him had seen or heard something strange in these moments.

It was when the lights started to flicker that Jason knew that it was beginning. The banging outside his door didn’t do anything to wake him up more, it was terrifying yet he stayed the way he was. Lying there.

The banging was getting louder and louder until suddenly it was right outside his door.

Jason told himself that it was just a dream and rolled over to face the door. Nothing would be coming through it even though it sounded like something scratching along the surface. Nothing ever did. The question was if this wasn’t real why was the door slowly opening? Was it his imagination? Slowly it creaked open…..

365 Challenge : Ready, Set, Go

Today’s challenge is just to write for 10 minutes straight so I’m going to write a short story based on a “I Dare you to Write” post from Tumblr (http://idareyoutowrite.tumblr.com/post/120156213122) and yes this whole blurb was part of the 10 minutes.

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365 Challenge : Ripped from the headlines

(Our challenge was to go to our favourite news source, find a headline and write a short story based on it. So from the BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-35292518  – I also apologise that I’m not that good at writing! Nothing else gave me any ideas whatsoever… )

It was our job to go take photos. I’d never heard of anything so peculiar. Finally after decades of hard work and centuries of planning the human race had been able to send a team to Mars and the first real quest for the people there was to take photos.

Of course we had photos of Mars anyway, we have photos of most of the planets.

“There’s nothing like a photo taken by hand though. Think of how excited all the people will be to see a actual photo of actual people on the surface of another planet!”

She shivered at the thought of how stupid her superiors obviously thought the world was. People wouldn’t be excited until they could go to Mars themselves, and the photos wouldn’t be the most exciting part of the trip. After a hour or so they’d get bored and the excitement would melt away.

It already had for her. They’d landed and knowing they were the first humans on the planet had nearly made her heart jump out of her chest. All they found was a wasteland. She knew after 10 minutes that it was Hollywoods dream, no wonder movies set on Mars were popular, it was just as boring and drab as the sets in the movies. She wondered if people would believe that they’d been to Mars, another Moon Landing hoax uprising was in the works.

They’d plodded about, staying in sight of the craft, taking photos as they went. It wasn’t as fun as any of them had thought. The journey felt like a waste of time.

Suddenly out of nowhere a lot of dust started to be whipped around, they knew what it meant. Mars was known for its dust storms. She could see the others heading back to the craft. Their orders if encountering a storm was to leave immediately. There was no real data on how damaging they could be.

A thought came to her.

We have photos of the storm from space but not on the surface. Judging that she had enough time to take a photo and still get back to the craft she turned to face the storm, holding the camera steady she fiddled with the buttons to get it to aim properly. By the time the camera indicated the photo had been taken and she’d turned back to the craft she could no longer see anything. The storm had enveloped her and the world had turned a striking red colour.

The painful truth came to her in a instant.

Everything looked the same. Was she sure she’d turned enough? If she walked forward would she actually reach the craft or would she walk off just to the side of it and miss it in the wall of dust?

The storm itself wasn’t violent enough to remove her from her feet but something kept her stuck in place, she tried her radio but knew it was useless with this storm raging around her. It felt like a lifetime before anything happened and when it did there was nothing good to come of it.

She saw the lights of the craft come on and knew her crew were about to leave her.

It was protocol.

Orders were to leave if a storm started. Anyone not back within a certain time frame were to be left for dead.

As the lights started to lift her body moved automatically.

She was sent there to take photos, aiming the camera in shaking hands she took a photo of her ride back home taking off without her. The lights flashing in the thick red dust…