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Stan & Ollie (2018)

One of my all time favourite double acts were brought back to life on the big screen with John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan and whilst I couldn’t go and see the film in the cinema I was very much looking forward to it when I could finally see it.

Which I did.

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The ABC Murders Episode 3

Another two murders, one a complete mistake.

The possibility of maybe someone else being part of all this and us being led astray.

We have got to the final episode of the BBC’s adaptation of the ABC Murders where Poirot will probably have to face the question of who he is and catch the killer before he, or she, kills again.

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The ABC Murders Episode 2

Poirot and Crome can’t stand each other, there is a killer on the loose but the young police man doesn’t trust or want to know anything to do with the aging detective.

Their relationship not only is played out on screen between Grint and Malkovich in perfect levels of hatred and scorn but in the unsettling anti-immigration feeling being seen in the world at large. It makes the entire thing seem more important then just catching the killer.

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The ABC Murders Episode 1

A new Poirot adaptation this time with John Malkovich playing the aging detective being taunted by the titular A.B.C. Murderer.

Will Poirot be able to prove he still has it or has he met his match?

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