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365 Challenge : Breaking the Law

The last time I broke a big rule?

You might find this hard to believe but I don’t think I ever have! I’m a bit of a goody two shoes if I’m honest. There isn’t anything I can think of off the top of my head. It sound really stupid but there just really isn’t anything I’ve ever done that applies.

Now small rules here and there of course I’ve broken from time to time!

I’ve phoned in sick when I wasn’t just so I can skip work and go to the movies or a book signing. I skipped classes at school because I found them boring. I sit too close to the TV from time to time. I don’t always look where I’m going whilst crossing roads. I don’t even hold a adults hand when crossing a road anymore! I talked to strangers as a teenager, I don’t pay attention to my drinks on a night out…….

Actually none of those are really breaking rules they are just me being ditzy.

I feel like my life is actually pretty boring. Maybe I should do something really rebellious before I die? Then again I don’t want to do something I’ll get into trouble for!

Oh the life of a goody two shoes!

This has all just reminded me of Hermione Granger.

“Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed or worse… Expelled!”

Yes I was that kid at school even though I did skip a few classes here and there. I’d rather do as I was told then get into trouble and its carried on into my adult life. Does that make me really boring? I sound so old.

365 Challenge : Teachers Pet

School feels like such a long time ago that its almost like it never happened. I look back at the memories I have and it feels like they belong to someone else.

Not one teacher stands out for me at all. I didn’t go on to do A-Levels or go to Uni and part of that was down to just how terrible my school was. It felt like a prison. We were treated like we were never going to amount to anything. I think the worst thing was because I was always in a high set for all my studies and I was one of those students who possibly should have gone to a better school but never was given the chance I was looked down on more then others. At least the people in the bottom sets were destined in their teachers eyes for nothing but I should have been something and they were going to make me know that I’d ruined my own life by not doing what they thought I should.

That isn’t to say that my childhood or teenage years weren’t brilliant.

If there is one thing that school does teach you it tends to be that the world expects something of you. Teachers are just the first step into the world of people above you looking down on you and letting you know you are a disappointment. I mean some parents are like that but you have a bond with them that you can’t get out of even if you don’t talk to them after a certain age (or ever!) teachers and employers on the other hand are a whole different kettle of fish.

If you didn’t live up to their high standards they let you know that you were going to amount to nothing. Just like employers tend to do when they realise you don’t have the ability to read minds.

It also teaches you that you can get through just about anything if you have the right people by your side. I didn’t have many friends at school but the ones I did have and could truly call a friend are still in my life now. Maybe not as close but they are still there. If you got caught doing something you shouldn’t they’d be the first people to turn themselves in so that you can do detention together, they’d be there for you when you were so stressed at the amount of work you had that you didn’t know what to do but cry and they’d be the first to mouth off whenever you needed them.

Friends like that are ones worth keeping and it taught me the kind of people to look for in my life. Not people who would hide in the shadows and leave you to your own mess.

None of this really answers the questions set to the topic at all. Even sitting and thinking for 10 minutes doesn’t bring a name of even a assistant at the school that I can truly say impacted my life for good or bad. They all just became the background noise of a pointless exercise. Nothing my teachers ever said about me mattered to me.

Well I guess the fact that I gave up on education at the first possible chance was down to pretty much all my teachers being so horrible. So that is something that some people will see as a negative but I see as a positive!

I would also like to point out that I’m not tarring all teachers with the same brush. No doubt even some of the teachers at the school I went too were lovely I just never had them. In fact I had pretty much the same or a very similar set of teachers all through my secondary school life. I know other people from all over the world who talk very highly of teachers they had and I kind of wish that I’d had one that I could say something nice about.

Feeling guilty that I’ve just bad mouthed teachers and couldn’t find something nice to say let me know of any nice teachers you had! Seeing my experience was a negative lets fill the comments with some positives of teaching!