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Gakkou Gurashi Final Thoughts


Recommendation : 100% YES!

I must have read “Zombie Survival” somewhere and added it to my list. I sat down to watch the first episode and thought “what? Why am I watching this?”

Then everything changed….

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Gakkou Gurashi! : Graduation [END]

“Sotsugyō” (そつぎょう)

We have come to the end of the road for our favourite school club. The last few episodes have been a roller coaster of emotions and action. We join them at the turning point for the School Live! Club.

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Gakkou Gurashi : Scar

“Kizuato” (きずあと)

We are on the penultimate episode. Which means that we need to save everyone, have lots of crying and escape the Zombie overrun school in TWO episodes.

Everyone, seriously, get the tissues and form a circle. I do not think we’ll be getting out of these two episodes with the last shreds of our emotions intact.

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Gakkou Gurashi : Future

“Shōrai” (しょうらい)

I really liked the idea from the last episode of the balloons with the letters tied to them. Just imaging if you were surviving in this zombie stricken world, all on your own and you suddenly find a letter from a high school student either still floating in the air via balloon or stuck in a tree with the deflated balloon. The colourful pictures, the stories of what they want to do in their futures… Just the word FUTURE in this time of misery. It would give anyone on their own hope.

Now imagine if Kei had found Miki’s?

Not that I think Kei is alive.

That word future is a strange one when you see the world they inhabit….

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