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365 Challenge : Idyllic

What does your ideal community look like? How is it organised and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

Ideal community?

Personally I think the question doesn’t really ask what a ideal COMMUNITY would look like but what you’d love to dictate to other people to make THEM perfect for YOU.

What does it look like?

Well I’m pretty much in some pretty ideal communities already. Or have been. The 2005-2009 Bebo F1 community was wonderful as was the community we made for ourselves after that. The Wrestling community on Tumblr have their moments. I think the one I love the most at the moment is the anime debating community brought together by Twitter User IcebergLuffy. Its the most active I’ve been in a community since about 2010/2011 and is a wonderful community even if I only really contribute to it during the debate on a Saturday (it tends to be posted early Saturday morning but in the US it starts Friday evenings.)

So yeah for a introvert recluse a online community is perfect for me.

I really would like to be more into the communities in general again like I used to be. The problem is with my paranoia when you get burnt once you think it’ll happen 100 times over. The way I left the F1 community I was part of and actually Digital Spy and the Strictly Come Dancing / F1 community on there too has left me feeling pretty down on opening myself up again. Its sad because the communities I’m kind of part of just seem so nice but I kind of clam up the second I look like I’m making a step forward.

Its why I tried and kind of still trying so hard to join a community on WoW which just seems impossible for me.

How is it structured and organised?

It doesn’t matter. Even a online community it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day people need to be left to live their life the way they want to live it. It would suck if people were forced to do things one way for any reason.

Sure we have structure in our life that we have to follow. We HAVE to go school and HAVE to in some way get a job in our adult life and follow the rules of both but we are still individuals that have a choice over certain parts of our life.

If you start trying to structure it for a whole community then it stops being ideal because its just brainwashing people into acting in your perfect way which even if you brainwash people to believe its the “best” way just won’t fit into some peoples way of being.

So no structure or organisation.

Of course if you are talking about smaller things its nice to be online when other people are. Its why I loved the #F1Chat stuff when it was big and being online at the same time to talk about F1, Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing, World Cup matches and other things. Obviously if your gaming there needs to be organisation so you are online together at the right times.

The thing that makes me sad is not being online the same time as people to talk about F1. I think having to work Sunday’s started to kill my interest but by the time I stopped working Sunday’s the highlights meant I no longer got to always watch at the same time.


What values do we share?

It depends what you mean by values.

If you mean the big ones you’d hope everyone you share this Earth with will live by good ones but I honestly think that people shouldn’t judge others because even if they on the outside seem to have terrible values you really need to talk to them before you truly make your mind up.

The sad thing is people are too busy to react strongly when they disagree that everyone becomes defensive and more often then not people lose the chance to actually get to know each other properly. There are lots of people that have really strange values or opinions that when you get to know them you learn that they aren’t actually as strong into their convictions as they first sounded or else are just nice with dodgy values.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

I was at a party last night so missed the show. Catching up with it this week a little worried after reading comments about the show but we’ll carry on.

I think Week 5 might be a record for us.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

Anthony and Oti left last week, a shame for Otlile who really has been a find for the show but maybe not so much for Anthony who was really being hampered by his arm.

No theme this week makes me a happy boy.

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Strictly Come Dancing : Week 6 Halloween Week

So another theme week, the one saving grace is we have no Donny Osmond but from past experience theme weeks need to be happy affairs with plenty of over marking and nonsensical love for everyone and everything.

Sometimes I laugh when people act like Strictly has ever truly been anything more then a personality competition. Yeah people like to see improvements week on week, some people like to see the best dancers dance and others like the train wrecks. None of us are right or wrong. But theme weeks really do seem much more scripted and ridiculous. I can honestly say week on week that I personally think that the judges possibly feel the way they do when they judge but theme weeks seem like there is a complete script of loveliness and boringness.

Lets see.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 2

For the first time in a few series I’ve been really enthralled in the series so far. It is only week 2 and I already look forward to the show from the moment it ends on the Saturday.

So how did I feel about this week?

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Strictly Come Dancing : Fangirls First Impression of the Couples

The blog was a bit bare this week, I will admit it. I wanted so much to get it written that we didn’t put too much effort in. We’ve been talking it through though this week and we have a action plan for next week so look out next Monday for our fangirl blog!

As it is on this wonderful Thursday that I have off I decided, seeing we didn’t really talk about how we felt about the pairings in our blog I’d dive right in and tell you all my feelings on our wonderful Strictly partnerships!

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Strictly Come Dancing 2013 — The story so far!

So we’ve already had two eliminations and three whole weeks of dancing before this blog was set up so I’ll put all the stats so far down in this blog with my personal view of each dancer as well.

The Class of 2013

Abbey Clancy with Professional Partner Aljaz Skorjanec
Ashley Taylor with Professional Partner Ola Jordan
Ben Cohen with Professional Partner Kristina Rihanoff
Dave Myers with Professional Partner Karen Hauer
Deborah Meaden with Professional Partner Robin Windsor
Fiona Fullerton with Professional Partner Anton DuBeke
Julien McDonald with Professional Partner Janette Manrara
Mark Benton with Professional Partner Iveta Lukosiute
Natalie Gumede with Professional Partner Artem Chigvintsev
Patrick Robinson with Professional Partner Anya Garnis
Rachel Riley with Professional Partner Pasha Kovalev
Sophie Ellis-Bextor with Professional Partner Brendan Cole
Susanna Reid with Professional Partner Kevin Clifton
Tony Jacklin with Professional Partner Aliona Vilani
Vanessa Feltz with Professional Partner James Jordan

Week 1, 2 and 3 leader boards

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