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Island : Holding Hands Tomorrow [END]

Jump 2

“Te o Tsunaide Ashita” (てをつないでアシタヘ)

I have finally finished this absolute waste of all of our times. Island’s final episode is here. At last. It is over.

[EDIT : So yeah… This has been in our drafts forever mainly because of a accident I (Anna) had deleted a bunch of this review and neither of us wanted to go back and rewatch it so sorry this review is ridiculous… The anime was so I don’t know why I’m apologising…]

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Island : I Don’t Want to Grieve Anymore

Recursion 2

“Monku Yamitakunai Kara” (モンクヤミタクナイカラ)

I have to admit I did stop listening for a long time at the end of the last episode so other then knowing that Karen has had to run away I don’t really know what is happening.

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Island : I Want to Keep Liking You

Stage 7

“Zutto Suki de Itai no ni” (ずっとすきでいたいのに)

One reason I haven’t kept up to date with this anime is because I just don’t know what to make of it. It takes all the really weird aspects of dating games and Visual Novels and mixes them up in a really difficult way to enjoy. I don’t really care much for any character and that is because there hasn’t been a straightforward story told with a single one of them.

Because I am determined to finish it no matter what I am here to finish it but I’m not going to enjoy it.

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Island : The right way to spin dreams

Stage 3

“Tadashii Yume no Tsumugikata” (ただしいゆめのつむぎかた)

So to say I’ve been disappointed would be wrong because I had no expectations, the disappointment will come in this episode if there is not even the chance of a movement in the story.

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