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Diary #27 : What to do when you just don’t want to be you anymore?

It is a serious question I’ve had to try and figure out this week, as my depression hits harder then it has all year (I’ve probably said it before but I’ll back this up in a moment) I just find myself sitting there asking why I had to be me?

Why can’t I be someone else?

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365 Challenge : Erasure

Picking one single event in my life to erase is hard. If you had the choice there would be a lot of times you’d like to make disappear.

The thing is it isn’t a good idea to erase anything from your past.

I am only the person I am today because of everything that went before. My history made me. I’m not sure I’d give any moment up even if it meant not having to live through something bad. If I got rid of one of the times I got seriously ill then I’d have to probably live it at some point. A bad memory? Well what did I learn from it?

There isn’t really any point living a life if there is anything you’d erase from it. Humiliation, failure and any other negative experiences in your life are there for you to learn from. I’d hate to lose any of it really.

Would anyone really want to erase something that happened to them?