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Made in Dagenham (2010)

A film based on the struggles of the female Ford workers in 1968 where they went on strike for equal pay and through their struggles the 1970 Equal Pay Act came about.

Starring SallyHawkins, Miranda Richardson, Andrea Riseborough as well as Bob Hoskins, Rupert Graves and Kenneth Cranham the film showed not only the strength of the women involved to fight for what is right but also the struggles that inevitably all strikes will bring about as well as how different the women were treated in their strike action then men would have been.

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Sherlock : The Six Thatchers

Probably the most anticipated series every time it returns, one of the BBC’s biggest shows returns for its fourth series.

We return to the world of Sherlock for yet another case to solve.

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Sherlock : The Abominable Bride

So its been so SOO long since we last saw anything of Sherlock.

We still have to wait to find out the mysteries of Moriarty’s message at the end of Season 3 as this special is going all the way back to the beginning….

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