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I guess a little update…

So we messed up people!

We didn’t really think Halloween through at all this year and with Madoka Magica now being over we only have a few days left of Halloween and nothing to really fill the gap with.

SOOOO instead, because season 3 of Zapped is back Amanada, who has reviewed 2 of 3 episodes of season one and 1 of 6 of season two is just going to spam all 11 episodes over the next week and we’ll forget that it is Halloween on Thursday and do better next year.

In past years we’ve done film reviews during this season, we only did the first two days with film reviews because… To be honest none of us have really watched any horror films at all this year let alone this month and didn’t feel that Halloween-y this month to do it either. We’ve gone through all our favs, Halloween, Friday 13th and Nightmare so next year we’re thinking of doing Hellraiser and Leprechaun with a few different ones here and there.

What we REALLY want to know though is what anime horror series would you like us to do next year?

We’re already planning on doing the entire Parasyte binge but we’d like to hear from you if there are any horror series we haven’t already gone through that you’d like to be featured next year. So let us know in the comments, even if it isn’t anime related…

What horror stuff do you want us to do next year?

World of Tanks Review

Garantine here, I am the official GeekMinds WoT reviewer. In the coming weeks I will be reviewing some of my favourite tank lines as well as any updates and patches.

World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game.


(As of yet the day of the reviews or frequency of said reviews are yet to be decided, will update when times are set in stone – Rick)

Terms I will be using in the course of these blogs :-

Auto Loaders:- a type of gun that loads multiple shots to be fired in quick concession. The main draw back to this weapon is an extended reload time due to having to load all the shots into the magazine before they can be fired.

AP rounds:- armour piercing rounds. the most common round

APCR:- armour piercing composite rigid. premium AP rounds

HE:- rounds high explosive. these shell have penetration that works of the flat armor value of the tank and will do half damage even if the shell doesn’t penetrate.

HEAT: high explosive anti tank rounds. premium HE rounds.

HESH:- high explosive squash heads. premium HE rounds with less chance of bouncing.

DPM:- damage per minute

Alpha damage:- the amount of damage done by a single shot

Burst damage:- the amount of damage done in quick succession by a auto loader

gun rammer:- module that increases the rate of fire by 10%

improved ventilation:- a module that increases all crew skill level by 5%

enhanced gun laying drive:- improves aiming time

vertical stabilizer:- improves accuracy whilst on the move by 20%

Spall liner:- improves the armour from HE shells and ramming helps prevent damage to crew.


will be updated as required

Doctor Who Review : The Romans

So we all settled down to watch The Romans at the end of our “Hartnell appreciation days”.

How did it go down on the forum?

It got a very positive review from everyone, an interesting story split into two parts. It proved the strength of having such a large TARDIS team as well.

The story was set just before Nero burnt down Rome, the TARDIS tumbles off a cliff and the TARDIS crew take a holiday in Rome. Well not quite in Rome… The Doctor and Vicki get split up from Ian and Barbara and all of them have a quite different adventure.

Whilst The Doctor and Vicki have it pretty easy, pretending to be would-be assassins (without knowing) and a world class lyre player. Their adventure is quite light hearted and fun.

On the other side of the coin Ian and Barbara are taken captives, Ian is to be a Gladiator and Barbara ends up as Nero’s wife’s slave. In a fit of coincidence the two of them are reunited before being able to escape Nero’s plans on murdering the both.

The two stories are very different, the darker story of Ian and Barbara is quite nicely combined with the much lighter Doctor’s story. The two balance each other out so that the story didn’t become too dark or too light. Not only that it gave the story much more time to show the two sides of ancient Rome. The slaves/Gladiators vs the royalty and upper classes. The way Nero acts to each character speaks a million words more then anything else. The four different stories are interesting to follow and the story ends up turning into something quite wonderful.

The biggest enjoyment of the whole episode was the relationship between Ian and Barbara, it is nice to have two people just be friends, they made the story and worked wonderful as companions. They didn’t just follow the Doctors every word and they both managed to get out of their predicament without anyone else having to save them.  Their stories are two that are told everywhere, the Roman slaves and Gladiators but it wasn’t downplayed, OK it made light of and didn’t go into depth to what would have usually happened to someone like Barbara but it worked in its own way.

We also enjoyed the wonderful comic acting of Derek Francis as Nero, his timing was perfect and brought so much life to those little moments that would have been lost with anyone with a face with less character. Him and his wife Poppaea were wonderful characters, even if Nero played to the comedy and Poppaea to the darker side of the story it showed how little regard to life they had and how their ego’s were more important then anyone else.

It is hard to watch any Doctor and not compare them, I loved the dark humour of Hartnell, having a chuckle in the face of danger and not really letting the plot upset him. He just went from one random situation to the other, for him it was like reading a book, he was never really a part of it so none of the terrible things could happen to him. He didn’t mind upsetting Nero, didn’t run when told he was faced with the Arena… He just laughed it off and went along with it so that he could see history working. Vicki was the perfect companion for him on his quest.

None of us had really seen much of Hartnell so we were very much surprised at how much he’d mellowed out from the original stories where he was just rude and abrasive most of the time. Now, he still is a grumpy old man and still has his moments, he very much is in charge and wants everyone to know that, but he is much softer with Ian and Barbara, treating them more like his children then his prisoners. His relationship with Vicki is much like it was with Susan.

We all enjoyed the episode so much we went straight to watching another Hartnell serial that we hadn’t really seen (some of us had it tucked away for Christmas, others borrowed them off of friends) and it gave us a greater appreciation of the man who started it all.