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Animal Crossing New Horizons ~ The Game the World Needed ~

If you haven’t noticed the love that the new Animal Crossing on Switch has been getting then I feel like you might be one of the unlucky, or maybe lucky, few.

Gamers all over have taken to living a virtual Island life with animal friends in a time when most places are encouraging you to stay inside just as Spring is starting to hit us with nice weather. With a Pandemic making life extremely difficult for many a cute little game has taken the world by storm.

So how is Animal Crossing New Horizons helping the world in such a tough time?


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Wrestling Review Showdown!!!

It has come to my attention that there is a voice of dissent in our readership over who is the better wrestling reviewer.

So we thought to take it to a vote!

Note : We aren’t planning on going anywhere with these results, after all we’re all friends here so its not like we’re going to fire Pete even though he’s three weeks late with wrestling posts!

Soooo who will it be?

Do you prefer the loud and brash Detroit boy Petonyo?

Or the fan girl Super (apparently Halloween) Banana of Plymouth Anna?

Does the overly opinionated ramblings of a mad man make you happy? Or do you prefer the laid back and happy style of our resident grump?

Someone will get a prize, the other will just be even more bitter and miserable then usual. Pick fast!

Plus of course we’d love to hear WHY you prefer who you pick! So either leave us a message below or tweet/Facebook/Tumblr your reasons to us. We’d love to hear!

Maybe this will get Pete’s butt into gear to get back up to date!

Rampo Kitan : Game of LaPlace : A Desire for Transformation

“Henshin Ganbō” (変身願望)

Last week surprised me by actually having me on the edge of my seat for most of the second half of the episode. I kind of liked how everything came together and even though I had guessed that Namikoshi was probably still alive it still shocked me a little bit that he was still alive.

That is the highest praise I can possibly give the anime.

It NEARLY was a good episode.

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Life is Strange : Chaos Theory

OK so I played this the day it come out but have yet to write about it. I’ve been having a bit of a mentally slow week. It came out the day before my birthday so it was a nice birthday treat from Square Enix.

And can I just say (because it ain’t a damn spoiler any more) am I the only bloody person who ended up with Kate jumping off the building?! Someone tell me the difference between Kate living and dying. We have a shrine outside her bedroom and Queen Bitch (Victoria) acting all “Katie was my friend Mr Jefferson now sleep with me” when you are lurking about with Chloe. Tell me there is something nice happening to Kate in the alternative world that I fucked up trying to get into?

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Doctor Who : Deep Breath -Spoilers-

Season 8 Episode 1

The debut of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor seems to have been coming since forever. He was announced over a year ago and first appeared in a flashy eye cameo in the 50th anniversary.

Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor was a big favourite for everyone on the forum so 12 had some big boots to fill!

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