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SmackDown 18/6/15 Review

Coming off the back of a highly uneventful RAW save the last few moments of the show we look to SmackDown this week to give us our wrestling fun times.

NOTE : I fell down the stairs today (outside stone stairs) and really hurt myself so I’m on paracetamol and Ibuprofen and very groggy due to being in immense pain so if I seem grouchier or more fan girly then usual I apologise (not that you possibly could tell if I’m grouchier) but I’m just really hurt. The proof is that instead of lying downstairs and watching SmackDown earlier (seeing its now 3pm and I fell down at 8am) I’ve been lying on the sofa doing nothing. 

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Smackdown Review 4/6/15

I do apologise that I’m so late but I haven’t had the time to watch until tonight!

Once more I have to say if you are looking for the more professional reviews of Pete then you’ll have to wait for him to come back. For now you have me. A complete Cesaro fan girl who will moan constantly about the lack of the #BTE.

Just to warn you.

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RAW Review 5/18/15

The fall out of Payback happens tonight.

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Smackdown Review 5/14/15

The last Smackdown before Payback, the last chance for everyone to have their say.

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Smackdown Review 5/7/15

The contract signing for Paybacks PPV Main Event goes down on Smackdown.

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RAW Review 5/4/15

Only two weeks to Payback and still the ongoing fight against Kane’s Authority (and deserved respect) and Seth Rollins ego rages on.

Will Seth finally learn to shut his mouth?

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Smackdown Review 4/30/15

Another chapter in the Seth Rollins vs Kane inter house Authority fight rolls onto Smackdown.

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RAW Review 4/27/15

The RAW after Extreme Rules we’ll see the fall out of the PPV.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Review

My first PPV review and I probably couldn’t have chosen a more boring looking PPV. No real story lines, no real interesting matches.

The biggest news going into the PPV, which wasn’t really news to anyone, was Daniel Bryan was out of the PPV with the injury he sustained in Europe.

There we go. Now lets go.

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