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Diary #7 : Killing you with Good Intentions

OK its a bit of a dramatic sounding title but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.

After having a conversation with someone at work I finally realised one giant problem with the way people handle being told that someone they know is depressed/suicidal or suffers from life crippling anxiety.

Instead of asking you why, how its triggered or if there was something that you can pinpoint that started it (questions you might not have answers too but at least it shows they are aware its personal to you and want to understand it) they tend to, with the best intentions at heart, tell you why you shouldn’t be, that things will get better and that you don’t want to kill yourself….

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365 Challenge : Happily Ever After

I think the concept of Happily Ever After is stupid.

Life would not be worth living if one event meant you lived a trouble free life from that point on.

Struggles in life is what makes us human. You learn from mistakes, you grow as a person, you meet people that you’d much rather not have but all these little things gives you a life worth living. Even with the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect partner and the best things happening that you could imagine something negative will happen at some point.

In fairy tales happily ever after is usually begun by marriage. In our times you see the amount of people who enter into these unions just to break it once again, you might be happy for a year, ten years even more but there can always be that day that breaks you.

Instead of waiting for a Happily Ever After moment you should strive to live for the moment. Something bad will always happen at some point but facing it all with a positive attitude instead of facing it with blind, childish belief that fairy tales are real is the way to live life.

Only a fool would believe they’ve had a “Happily Ever After” moment.

365 Challenge : Far from Normal

  1. I don’t like hot drinks. Not in a “I don’t like tea or coffee” kind of way because I DO like them. In fact I talked about how I used to be obsessed with coffee a while back. I’ve always kind of liked them lukewarm though, I never used to like drinking them hot. I’d wait for a good 10 to 20 minutes after making it and then drink them.
  2. I loved Jar Jar Binks, he was the only thing that I liked about Star Wars (I’m not sure that is unique, exciting or odd just unpopular but there you go!)
  3. When I’m writing notes to myself or just scribbling something quickly down I write it backwards. I don’t know why but as a little kid I decided to learn how to do it because I thought it would be cool to do it without thinking and now I just do it without thinking when I’m being quick.
  4. I can never wear anything that matches. Odd socks, odd bra/pants set, my t-shirt has to look odd compared to my trousers/skirt and I have to wear the wrong boots to go with the outfit. Funnily enough some people have said they think my sense of fashion is really cool. If only they knew!
  5. Never do I have a shower or a bath in the morning. I know a lot of people think its weird because you sweat through the night but I just can’t. It makes me feel sick.
  6. My name was actually spelt Aamanda on my birth certificate for some strange reason so through school, as I’m not sure why my parents didn’t just change it, everyone thought I had a really strange name when it was just Amanda spelt wrong and the school wouldn’t change it on their system because it was what was written on my birth certificate!

Diary #6 : Fantastical Books and the Impression they leave

I will start with a question.

Is there a universe out there that you’ve read about in a book that just seems so real and alive to you that it upsets you deep inside that it isn’t real and you aren’t there? Are there characters that touch your heart so tenderly that you don’t care if people think you are stupid but as far as you are concerned you know them? You are more emotionally attached to them and their plight then you are of real life people right in front of you?

If you have I’d love to know which ones so leave me a message in the comments. If not then why not?

Let me tell you about some of mine…

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Diary #5 : The Old Me

As you all know I’ve been doing a Daily Doodle since the beginning of January, I’ve also obviously decided to take my time and think about my work instead of having the lazy ass “anything will do” approach that has haunted me for the last few years.

I love scrolling through arty stuff on Tumblr. Whether its graphics, digital drawings, scribbles, hand drawn/painted stuff and everything else. I love scrolling through all the fan fiction blogs, the prompt and Imagine blogs as well as just random pieces of poetry, sayings and all sorts. I love seeing other people being creative…

For the first time in ages though it kind of made me miss the old me.

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Week 20

25th May – 31st May

Week 10 Question
If you could live off of one food and beverage for the rest of your life what would it be?

Chicken and Orange Juice.


Just Giving Page : Anna Dunne / Don’t forget any little amount of money you can give for my Race 4 Life fundraising will mean a lot.

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