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Week 49 : What was your favourite book as a child?

I love reading, I am always reading something. I have too many books and never enough time to even start to think about reading them, there are so many unfinished stories in my library it is painful to think about.

What started this off?

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Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

After admitting to someone at work that I wanted to read the series after seeing him read it on break I finally got around to buying the book (to stop him moaning at me mainly) and thanks to being very ill today I managed to read it all in one sitting.

The question is did I like it?

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365 Challenge : Bedtime Story

When I was a kid I think the bedtime story that I was in love with was possibly Funny Bones! I can’t remember any others before that but I would have already been quite old by then!

I don’t think Funny Bones did anything to my life.

If we’re going by books I think possibly changed my life it would probably be the Secret Garden. It opened my eyes a lot in a certain way, not to look at things from the outside and to always look through the eyes of amazement of everything I see. Look for the beauty in things.

It also made me fall in love with gardening. The thought of seeing things growing and having to look after them. It made me want a secret garden all of my own.

For someone who reads a lot though I do struggle to remember books I read when I was a child!

365 Challenge : Writing Room

So a genie appears and offers to grant my wish for the perfect space for reading and writing….

I’d guess it would have to look something like Belle’s library in the Beasts castle. Just one giant library. Books of all kinds lining every wall and the space being wide enough that it looks like a ballroom. It would have to be two or three tiered with a giant chandelier sparkling down on us. It would all be light, the metal would be brass and the floors would be pine.

OK not every wall lined with books I want a giant fireplace to sit in front of. Two big comfy sofas and a recliner armchair for when I get real lazy. I’d have the desk situated on the second floor on a balcony that comes out a little bit so that you can see the splendor all around. One of those big ornate jobbies that every writer in every movie has. A big high backed chair to sit in.

There would be doors leading out to a small garden space that overlooked some beautiful country scene, each floor would have its own balcony looking out towards the scene.

Something like that.

Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams

So the final Hitchhikers book (other then the other one) is finally being reviewed. It took me a while to even read it and I don’t think its even the longest book of the series.

The final (kind of) curtain call.

*NOTE : I apologise this review seems to have been left in my drafts forgotten! I was pretty sure I had posted it.*

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