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365 Challenge : Through the Window

I had to look out the window for 1 minute  and tell you what I saw.

Well by the time I got home it was pretty dark. We live in a pretty secluded little area so not much happens at the best of times.

It was raining which was making a giant puddle in the middle of the road where we’ve got a hole getting bigger by the day. Everyone has complained about it but absolutely nothing has been done about it. The water was starting to flood the road to be honest with too much gunk in the drains and therefore giving the water nowhere to go.

I could see the shadow of the people living in the house in front of ours moving about. Their curtains were closed but the lights threw their shadow onto the floor. You can’t really make out what they are doing and in some ways it seems like some strange monsters roaming around. The shadows look nothing like humans the way they are stretched out, their limbs seem longer and more hectic.

Its even worse in the rain, with puddles forming on their patio out front of their house it all looks wibbly too.

Just before my timer went off to tell me I’d been looking for a minute a car started to turn into the street.

No word of a lie it was like the shadows in front of my neighbours house recoiled in fear of the extra light.

To be honest I look out my window all the time anyway. Not because I’m nosey or the like I just like looking outside. Its always nice to be able to look outside and see how it all changes.

365 Challenge : Safe… Land… Sad…

Today is a game of word association. So I guess my job is to explain the title.

Home = Safe. It wasn’t just the word house it was home and home is something you have to build for yourself. You build it TO feel safe in it, it becomes your sanctuary. Its also the only word out of the three that no word actually DID pop into my head, I kind of just sat there thinking Home… Home… Home….

Soil = Land. OK it is a bit of a cop out but it was also the first and only word that came into my mind. Without the soil we have nothing. We should look after our land more then we do but we never think about it.

Rain = Sad. I don’t know why either. Again maybe its obvious, I mean enough films, TV shows and cartoons/anime have sad characters followed by rain clouds. The rain doesn’t have to be about sadness though. Rain brings life with it, it waters the plants outside. Its essential for us.

I’m terrible at word association if I’m honest! They say the first thing that comes to your mind but usually my mind goes blank!

So… You guys out there. What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say Home, Soil or Rain at you?