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Darwin’s Game : Old One

Episode 10

Ōrudo Wan” (旧王オールドワン)

I had forgotten that this episode had a extra long first episode therefore episode 10 is actually the penultimate episode of the series. Whilst that makes a few of the last episodes decisions kind of sad, there isn’t even enough time to scratch the surface of just about anything, it also makes sense that they are pushing forward with the story of Shinozuka’s kidnapping.

This is the end game guys.

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Darwin’s Game : Heads Up

Episode 9

Hezzu Appu” (決闘ヘッズアップ)

Now we haven’t really been quiet on how this show has kind of let us down a little in the way it has been presented but we’re back to finish it off and that includes this battle between Kaname and Danjo.

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Darwin’s Game : Aquarium

Episode 5


It has been a bit of a wait for this episode and waiting isn’t always the best thing in series like this that try and build drama in them. We were in a middle of a event so a break might just kill a bit of the momentum.

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