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Well… It was only yesterday that we found out that Tiger vs Knott was happening October 30th, now we have the whole match card for Pride’s next event in Tavistock on the 2nd of October (one of three amazing events in October) announced.

Brian Cage is no longer at the show as Pride have cut ties with the promoter bringing him over to the UK but the card itself is still impressive.

Another chance for the Magnums to over throw House of Bones. Pride need some new tag teams as the Magnums are the only team they have that look like they could beat the massive team of House of Bones.

I saw Sapphire in January and wasn’t impressed but actually looking forward to see my first female match up in a long time. A interesting match and hoping I come back with a better impression of Sapphire this time!

Tiger vs Sixx is my dream match up. Did I mention that at all? From the moment Sixx arrived in Pride I’ve had nothing but absolute praise for the young guy. He is fantastic in the ring and deserves a shot at Tiger. Its not a championship match, then again according to certain people Tiger isn’t champion anymore for it to BE a championship match, a win here could catapult Sixx into the title picture though when the war between Tiger and Knott has sorted itself out. As for Tiger you know he’s my favourite, you know I think he’s possibly one of the best wrestlers down this way and you know he’s always my match of the night. This is going to be great.

Andrews has gone from facing Brian Cage to fighting Charlie Garrett. In Plymouth Garrett got involved in the championship match, nearly helping Andrews win the belt, not that Andrews would have wanted said help, he ended up being taken out completely by Andrews who was not a happy bunny. They get to square off in what will be a clash.

But not a clash like the Main Event. Mr Massive made a real impact in his debut against Grado. He beat the TNA superstar and now finds himself in a championship match against the English Lion Eddie Ryan. That is going to be a must see match.

Already calling the Sixx/Tiger match as match of the night but its on a card that looks good from top to bottom. Brought my front row tickets for this the other day and can’t wait to see it. Should be a great night.


I’m not going to Pride’s return to Taunton but a match that is cruelly testing me has just been announced for the event.

That’s right! After Josh Knott stole the Catch Division Trophy last Sunday here in Plymouth Ultimo Tiger sent out a challenge for the self proclaimed New Champion on Facebook.

We didn’t have to wait long for Pro Wrestling Pride to announce that they would be having a re-match in a Ladder match at their big Taunton show (which also stars EC3, Adam Rose and Melina.)

The last two matches these guys have been in have been amazing, this ladder match looks to be possibly the icing on the cake. It will be a must have DVD for my collection the absolute SECOND it is released and if you can get to Taunton on October 30th you must. That was the only match in the world that would tempt me away from the show I’m going to but I’m going to be good.

As far as I can see the only other match confirmed is Eddie Ryan vs EC3 in what will be a belter of a match no doubt. Melina will be there to crown a new Women’s Champion. Adam Rose’s opponent has yet to be announced though I’d love to see him up against Mr Massive…. Actually no I wouldn’t. If that match gets announced you’ll never hear from me again as I might just explode with gloominess! 

Go follow the event page :


Pride Promotions FULL MATCH CARD for September 4th in Plymouth!!

So last night Pro Wrestling Pride announced the full match card for their upcoming Plymouth show…

As you can see the night promises to be a good one just on the poster alone, unfortunately Scotty Essex is no longer with Pro Wrestling Pride but as the match card shows they’ve gone ahead and brought in some new blood…

Some truly great looking matches on there.

We have a re-match between Williams and Jones which is a match I’m looking forward too, big fan of Doug Williams and Danny had a great title match against Eddie Ryan in Penzance so that should be a stellar match.

Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus was absolutely fabulous at PWA’s Heatwave and will no doubt be the stand out of the new guys when he goes up against Grado.

Tiger gets to go one-on-one with Josh Knott after a great triple threat elimination match in Penzance. That one has match of the night written all over it. My niece has already secretly told me as Josh Knotts only fan she has to cheer for him but I’m not allowed to tell Tiger.

The Pride Championship picture got real interesting when Chris Andrews made his statement in Penzance taking out the champion after his match against Danny Jones and already being beat up by Big Grizz. Eddie Ryan has a truly difficult match on his hands.

Main event see’s the Magnums team with someone who couldn’t be further from their personalities as they and Raven take on the Soul Society with the returning Garrett and Sixx. A great match for the Soul Society who have been on the up recently with some great wins and amazing matches.

It should be a great night so everyone who can be in Plymouth for the 4th should get down here. Its in the Guildhall this time out which is a incredible venue.

Tickets can be purchased on Prides website :


For all news on the event check out the Facebook event page :


And obviously give them a follow on Facebook :


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OFFICIAL : Eddie Ryan vs Chris Andrews for Pride’s return to Plymouth

If you read  the review of Heroes & Legends or was lucky enough to be there and witness it (if you weren’t you can pick up the DVD now on their website for only £10! It is well worth the money you’ll spend ) you’ll know that Chris Andrews won the Pride Rumble to pick a fight with one of the champions.

He picked that fight with the Heavyweight Champion, The English Lion Eddie Ryan in Eddie’s own hometown of Plymouth in September.

It is now not only official but has a really cool poster…

This match is going to be amazing. Its the match you really don’t want to see but you really REALLY want to see. Whether you are Team Lion or Team Shark its safe to say these two are going to put up a fight.

The tickets are going VERY fast and with Raven and Grado as well as all the Pride favourites all appearing at this show its easy to see why.

So go and get some tickets (http://www.prowrestlingpride.com/store/p162/PWP_live_-_Plymouth_Guildhall_-_Sunday_Sept_4th_-_Quote_the_Raven.._It%27s_Yersel.html) go join the event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/825163627616810/) and see one of the best UK promotions put on a epic show. This match will be worth every penny you spend on tickets and to get there. Don’t miss out.

Ultimo Tiger vs Sami Callihan Announced for Prides Return to Penzance

You might be fed up of me sharing stuff that Pro Wrestling Pride have announced in the last day or so but here is yet another brilliant announcement.

I kind of give it away in the title so I’ll just post the photo…

Tiger has faced so many big challenges this year and has taken them on head first, improving with every encounter and putting on insanely brilliant matches. He was our wrestler of the month for January and been in the running every month since. When Pride went to Penzance at the beginning of the month he had one of the best matches you’ll see all year against Kotaro Suzuki and it looks like after fighting with Kenny Omega and even TNA’s Bram in a Morrison’s car park he’s got yet another ridiculous mountain to climb.

Every defeat has made Tiger stronger and I have every faith in him being able to beat the Death Machine. Then again if he doesn’t it’ll just make him stronger again. Seriously Tiger always fights with so much heart. The guy is extremely talented, improves every single time he steps into the ring and is such a positive guy. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet but when he gets in that ring he kicks ass. Such a big fan of Tiger’s but you’ll see why when you buy a ticket to Penzance… Or Taunton…. Or Paignton… Or Plymouth… Or Tiverton for DWA this Saturday (he announced on his Facebook as I was writing this…) Or check out one of the links I post below. Its hard not to love this guy.

I don’t really need to tell you anything about Sami Callihan, everyone knows how great he is. This match is going to be huge.

If you’ve never seen Tiger you the chance to see his match against Suzuki on the Pride YouTube channel…

Kotaro Suzuki vs Ultimo Tiger

ORRR you could watch his match against Kenny Omega…

Kenny Omega vs Ultimo Tiger

In fact just go over there and watch their stuff because its awesome. All of it.

Tickets for Penzance can obviously be brought on their website…


ANNND because it took me a lifetime to write this I might as well tell you that they are selling a Ultimo Tiger signed print that you can also buy at their store…


You know you have a true friend when you moan about wanting it on Twitter and they go off and buy you one. Yes… I might not have £6 (£5 for the print and £1 for postage well worth it) but whining on Twitter got me one from the lovely Fiona. Come on… You should have guessed if I hadn’t got it right off the bat the second I got paid I’d be buying one.

That is truly it though, I have nothing else to add to it. Go buy tickets, get a signed print (because why not? Tiger is awesome.) Go watch some great wrestling and be happy.

Two Matches Announced for Pride Promotions One of a Kind Event

June 26th in Taunton was already looking like a great night what with Scotty Essex vs RVD and the Four Team Ladder Match but two more matches (well one confirmed) were announced in a evening of announcements.

(I did warn you I might do it more often… Its exciting though. Get excited.)

First up the confirmation that Eddie Ryan will be facing Big Grizzly for the title…

Honestly I don’t think Ryan is going to lose this time, I know I said it before Penzance but the guy has been having a incredible year so far and I just don’t see Grizzly being able to put him down. Grizzly has had some great bouts but as much as he knows Ryan’s limit Ryan now knows his too. Its going to be a show stopper.

Then the one remaining member of the Soul Society without a match (Keizer and Sixx are in the tag team match) Charlie Garrett has been announced as the opponent for Mr Anderson…

The Soul Society got a big win this weekend against Andrews, da Silva and Jones. Garrett also won his first match as a member of the Soul Society back in Penzance with Keizer against Johnny Kidd and Danny Jones.

Unless Anderson has someone watching his back he has potentially two guys at ringside to contend against as well as Garrett who probably is the biggest threat in the Soul Society at the moment. Keizer is a great leader and has brought a great team together a win over Anderson could really turn some heads.

That is four HUGE matches announced for this event. You can still get your tickets for it on their website…


I mean with just those two matches why wouldn’t you go?

Pride Promotions returning to Plymouth

So it has been announced. September 4th Pro Wrestling Pride will be returning to the great city of Plymouth (only great because I live here of course…) with special guest Raven.

They have moved homes from the Holiday Inn which homed both their Hurricane and Rock ‘N’ Rollas event and will now be in the Guildhall which is a fantastic venue. For most of us who grew up down here our love for wrestling as kids ended up with us going to watch wrestling in the Guildhall. In fact funny thing was on the train back from their event on Sunday Karla suddenly said that she remembers going to see the Bushwhackers in the Guildhall, a event I remember really well myself.

Follow them on Facebook for more news and stuff….


Lets face it… I have now said nearly every single event they won’t be able to top it and they manage to do so. Carlito, Benjamin, Suzuki, Dragon and Kidd in Penzance. RVD and Anderson in Taunton. Scotty 2 Hotty, Hornswoggle, PJ Black, Williams and Hardcore Holly in Paignton. Now Raven and Williams in Plymouth? These guys are seriously killing it this year.

Of course all the favs will be there too and its well worth the price of the ticket just to get to see guys like Eddie Ryan, Big Grizzly, Ultimo Tiger (especially Tiger…), House of Bones, The Soul Society, The Magnums and Scotty Essex anyway. By the end of the first match you’ll have your moneys worth everything else is just a bonus.

So if you can get to Plymouth or if like me you live here, get your tickets.


Pro Wrestling Pride Show TONIGHT!

So Pride have their show in Teignmouth tonight featuring Bram, Johnny Gargano and Johnny Kidd as well as all our favourite regulars like Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths, Eddie Ryan, Scotty Essex, The Soul Society, House of Bones and Ultimo Tiger.

What I’m going to be doing this evening is watching this amazing card…

So if you can get to Teignmouth go. I shall have my review of the night up tomorrow.

NEW Pride Poster and Superstar Announcement

There is actually more then one reason to this blog…. Mainly the reason why I haven’t just done Lucius’s blogs for him tonight.

To start with Pro Wrestling Pride kinda announced last night that we lucky people going to their July 10th show are going to get to see Hornswoggle, something confirmed this evening with their new event poster for Heroes and Legends.

I am pretty much in love with the poster as you might have read on my Twitter feed earlier. The show itself is gonna be massive with Scotty Essex vs Scotty 2 Hotty and matches still needing to be announced for all the other Pride favourites and staring… Well a whole host of people as you can see.

Already have my tickets for the event. The month before they have their big RVD show and you had to wonder how they’d top that but they are obviously bloody well trying to do so.

So go grab your tickets : http://www.prowrestlingpride.com/store/p158/PWP_Live_-_Heroes_&_Legends_3_-_International_supershow_-_Torbay_leisure_centre,_Paignton_-_Sunday_July_10th.html

Under the tag is something only neat freaks, lazy people and my fan boy will be interested in (still Pride related but site news of sorts too…)

Everyone else just go buy tickets and figure out how to get to the show. You ain’t going to wanna miss it.

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Pride Promotions Match Announcement for 26th June

So like… Yeah I don’t usually post just random match announcements and stuff on here (maybe I should just to annoy you all). We don’t have a big UK following anyway so I usually end up speaking to myself (or my fanboy) but I can’t help it (a little like the first time I ever even mentioned Pride when I cried about the Hurricane) so I’m gonna. I was close to doing it when they announced a different match for their show in Paignton but never did…

Anyway…. Have you heard that RVD is coming to Taunton (Somerset, UK) in June? If you haven’t and you can get there on the 26th then you might want to as they just announced that he’ll be up against none other then the Catch Division champion Scotty Essex.

Right so I don’t have to tell anyone how awesome RVD is do I? I mean I had RVD PJs as a kid and used to run around pretending to be him. Like he’s just amazing.

But do you know how amazing Scotty Essex is? Because he’s pretty damned awesome. If you don’t know how amazing Scotty is then you are seriously missing out. If you want me to tell you how awesome Scotty is pull up a chair in the comments and I will do so.

You ain’t gonna want to miss this one because I’m telling you now that its going to be one INCREDIBLE match. It was only Sunday that Scotty was up against Carlito in a fantastic match but this, THIS is going to be a show stealer.

I’ve only just stopped screaming down the phone to nearly everyone I know about it (OK three people because I don’t know that many people.)

If you can go then you’d be silly not too and this is only one match. ONE MATCH. They also have Mr Anderson coming AND a four way tag team ladder match which will see Danny Jones & Doug Williams vs The House of Bones vs The Soul Society vs The Magnums. PLUSSSSSSS they still have guys like Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths, the English Lion Eddie Ryan, Ultimo Tiger, sweet little Adam da Silva, Chris Andrews and like SOOO many more people. Plus you’ll get to see Vixxen and she’s awesome. Honestly ALL those names are worth the price of a ticket alone (have you SEEN me tell you how wonderful Eddie Ryan and Ultimo Tiger are because seriously…. I talk about them a lot) so regardless of this ONE MEGA AWESOME match you are going to have a night you’ll probably never forget.

Like seriously if you don’t get excited by this then you have no soul. OOORRR else you aren’t as weird as I am.

Seriously check the event out if you can get to it, if you get tickets rub it in your friends face because it is gonna be one hell of a event. If you can’t get to it check it out anyway and convince yourself you can go.

Event Page : https://www.facebook.com/events/588469441316250/
Tickets : http://www.prowrestlingpride.com/store/p154/PWP_live_with_RVD_-_Taunton_wellsprings_centre_-_Sunday_June_26th_-_%22One_of_a_kind%22.html

I promise only to mention this once or twice again in my lifetime…. Possibly. Just wait till Tigers match is announced THEN you’ll hate me. Now that I’ve posted about Scotty I’ll have to balance it with Tiger too, I’m not very sorry but you can pretend I am if it makes you feel better.

No more Pride talk until after their next show I promise. (I’m not even lying because I’m too busy working and getting excited for my birthday, plus Mayoiga, Bungo Stray Dogs and Kiznaiver.)

Right… So… Ummm… Back to anime everyone, nothing to see here! (I’m watching Flying Witch right now so review will be out soon!)