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Diary #9 : Being Nice Doesn’t Sell…

This actually probably isn’t what you might think it is. Its under the Diary tag just because it was a random thought from me and as all the diary posts tend to be mine I thought I’d add it as such.

I follow the wonderful Twitter account of @IcebergLuffy a anime account that sparks weekly debates amongst its followers throughout Saturdays. I’ve had some riveting discussions with people all over the world about a wide variety of things from politics to morals, sexual inequality to whether or not you stream anime legally or illegally. Everyone has a interesting opinion and even though I don’t always join in the conversations (the Twitter user is American so the conversation starts at about 1am UK time meaning sometimes I feel I have nothing to add by the time I remember to check his feed) I read every single tweet he retweets. It reminds me of how big this planet is and just how different we all are.

His debate this week was “Could there truly be a perfect world / perfect society?” and whilst personally my answer to THAT I feel was cut and dry (in my opinion) a tweet that then garnered a extra two likes actually made me realise that we always need to be reminded that being nice doesn’t sell…

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365 Challenge : Happily Ever After

I think the concept of Happily Ever After is stupid.

Life would not be worth living if one event meant you lived a trouble free life from that point on.

Struggles in life is what makes us human. You learn from mistakes, you grow as a person, you meet people that you’d much rather not have but all these little things gives you a life worth living. Even with the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect partner and the best things happening that you could imagine something negative will happen at some point.

In fairy tales happily ever after is usually begun by marriage. In our times you see the amount of people who enter into these unions just to break it once again, you might be happy for a year, ten years even more but there can always be that day that breaks you.

Instead of waiting for a Happily Ever After moment you should strive to live for the moment. Something bad will always happen at some point but facing it all with a positive attitude instead of facing it with blind, childish belief that fairy tales are real is the way to live life.

Only a fool would believe they’ve had a “Happily Ever After” moment.

365 Challenge : Toot your horn

It is true that I go out of my way not to toot my own horn but as the powers that be in the 365 challenge have told me to do it regardless I have to put some thought into it!

I like to think that I’m pretty good at giving advice.

You might have noticed a few times me saying “I don’t do this but I tell others to do it” because I know that sometimes these things will work for others. I tend to be very good at working my advice out to the person in front of me so I know that if I don’t like something or see the point in it someone else possibly will.

I’ve always loved giving advice, I’m better at giving then receiving though I think that is true of everyone. I’m very nosy so I like to get all the facts and I’m good at friendly pushing people into telling me things that they might not always speak about. I’m genuinely a nice person that cares though so it never comes from a gossip-y place but one of general concern.Then again I guess that is a bit of a cop out itself really. I mean anyone at any given time is good at giving advice.Why do we find it so difficult to praise ourselves I wonder? This is the only thing I could think of to say about myself in a totally positive way yet it isn’t like I dislike myself or think anything I do is terrible.Do you have a problem with praising yourself? Do you have a talent that you don’t mind “tooting your own horn” about?

Week 25

20th – 26th July

Week 15 Question :
The Best thing to happen to you this week?

That is really hard to answer because I’ve had quite a horrible week. If I’m really going to have to pick something I guess it is finally getting fish for our fish tank. We’ve been working on it for two weeks now and I’m not really happy with how it turned out (it looked cooler before my mum brought some stupid lights and some other stuff for it) and I got home from work today to find some small fish in there.

So yeah. Fish. Lookee see…..

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Week 12

23rd March – 29th March

Week 2 Question :
How have you changed in the last two years?

Well its funny. I’ve become more confident without really showing it, I’ve become more open without really knowing it and I’ve become happier without ever feeling it.

Strange I know but its true.

Two years ago I’d jump at my own shadow (OK I still do that quite often,) I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone and I kept everything bottled inside me till I exploded (strangely enough I DID explode two years ago which is probably why I changed.)

I’m getting to the point where I don’t care what I think everyone else thinks about me (yeah stupid) because I’m kind of happy with myself the way I am. I still have a ways to go but I’ve got to the conclusion that to be honest if I just smile and be myself I’m going to turn out fine regardless of whether I think at that time I’m going to be fine. Everything will turn out alright I just need to keep doing the things that make me happy. Of course that is always hard but I’m trying.

I’m trying. *Shakes fists* I’m trying….

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