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REACH Wrestling : Episode 1

After months and months of hyping up their debut show it finally arrived. Brought to us by Jason King and Grayson Reeves at Plymouth School of Creative Arts are we finally getting the local show we all want?

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REACH Wrestling – Episode 1 Preview

Wrestling is back in Plymouth on July 8th with a new company REACH Wrestling. They will be bringing their show to you out of Plymouth School of Creative Arts and what a show they have waiting for you.

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Diary #24 : Branchial Cyst Part I

So I kind of mentioned a few times now that I was having surgery this week to have a Branchial Cyst removed from my neck. As you can tell with me here writing this I survived with nothing major wrong with me.

I’ve decided to write a blog about it and follow ups with photos and recovery stuff because I couldn’t find much about it online at all and its bloody scary at times thinking about it. There won’t be any photos in this one so if you are squirmish you don’t have to worry.

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5 Things… Apparently people with extreme Social Anxiety CAN go out and have fun so here are my 5 ways of actually DOING that!

It sounds weird to some people but there are people that are so socially awkward or anxious that they just don’t join in with group activities. They might seem perfectly normal in their job or some of their day to day lives, especially if you aren’t extremely close to them but the thought of a work night out terrifies the life out of them.

Whilst they might come across as anti-social a lot of them are absolutely dying to go out and socialize, have a “normal” life and just be like everyone else.

I was one of those people, I haven’t perfected the art of it yet, as you can tell because I keep talking about it I am getting more and more used to going out. Here is how I’ve helped myself…

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5 Things… Obvious 5 Signs that Plymouth Witnessed the End of the World!

(EDIT BY ANNA : So I said in the How To Keep A Mummy blog that I would do a special catch up 5 Things… Post on Japanese Folklore Creatures but I found this in the drafts by Luc so thought after last week it should actually for memories and bants be the make up 5 Things… post, after all technically it was the one that was being published, and this Thursday will be the Folklore one. Soz for being a prat.)

If you didn’t know a lot of the UK has seen Snowmageddon in the last few days (EDIT : Again sorry its late it was meant to go out on Friday 2nd March when we were all snowed in) which has sent us here in Plymouth into a extreme amount of panic.

So here are 5 signs I’ve seen in Plymouth that the world has actually ended.

Or at least it has here.

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PWA : 8th Anniversary Show

This is extremely late and I apologise for that as I have quite a lot over the last few weeks. PWA celebrated their 8th anniversary in April with a great show with appearances from T-Bone and the UK Hooligans.

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PWA : History of Wrestling Mini-Lecture

In the week of PWA’s anniversary show they gave a little mini-lecture on the last 500 years of wrestling. I went along because with three matches and a history lesson how could I ever say no?

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Pre-Orders on Grayson Reeves New T-Shirt NOW!

So one of our local up and coming stars has just released his new t-shirt. It just so happens to be a brilliant design and he himself is a great wrestler to support!

Grayson was my joint second wrestler of the year last year. Honestly the improvement from the beginning of the year to the end was amazing and he’s pretty much the most highly entertaining guy on any show he’s on now. He’s nearly gone a year with PWA’s British Championship belt and just recently had some amazing matches against guys like JD Knight and Mitchel Starr.

If you don’t believe me go watch this match shared by Plymouth Wrestling Association.

T-Shirts are £12 in the Pre-Order stage and will go up to £15 afterwards. Give him a shout on Facebook on his wrestling dedicated page https://www.facebook.com/grayson.reeves.9 if you are going to a show he’ll bring the t-shirt along or else he will send them out as well.

If anything its a cool t-shirt and you can just show some love to a British Wrestler who deserves support. You’d never be able to tell that about 12 months ago I didn’t like him very much!

PWA : Rising

PWA ended 2016 with a bang and absolutely everyone wants to see them carry on with the positive vibes going into the new year. Its been way too long since we have been to a PWA show so we were extremely excited to be back at the Plymouth School of  Creative Arts in Milbay Road for their first event of 2017.

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Plymouth Wrestling Association : Showdown

The final PWA show of the year promised to have PWA go out with a bang. After a amazing turn out for their last show I was under no doubt they would.

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