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365 Challenge : S/he said

Ok so the 365 Challenge died yet another death but as everyone is busy and one reason we were doing the challenge was that we wanted to post daily I thought I’d revive it as I have nothing else to write about today. I’m not even bothering to turn my laptop on this evening so struggling to do this on my phone…

I had to ask the person next to me what they were thinking of and they told me they were thinking of tickling the dog…

We have Dredd on the TV, my sisters friend is having a hard time and we keep getting messages about it and she just got off the phone to my cousin yet all she’s thinking about is the action she’s doing right now.

How bloody boring is that?

I asked my dog what he was thinking and he looked at me sadly.

There is a wonderfully doggy philosophical answer to that question but without the necessary skills to tell me all I got was sad Doo eyes.

365 Challenge : Menagerie

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

I have a shit ton of fish and then these two.

Scooby Doo, a three year old Border Collie (or three next month anyway) and…

His Porkliness, Mac the Guinea Pig.

They mean the world to me. Doodle has the uncanny ability to be able to tell when someone is upset so does his best to cheer them up (you can guess how handy that is!) and Mac is such a little personality.

In fact Mac is as un-Guinea Pig like as can be. He hates other Guinea Pigs (preferring the company of dogs) , hates being touched and spends most of his time looking like a potato squeaky angrily at me.

They are both giant morons.

Week 9

2nd March – 8th March

As I said at the end of the last blog, the one that came out only a few days ago because I was so ill and down I couldn’t finish it and just gave up, the ending of February was all about surviving whilst the beginning of March, the very FIRST DAY of March, was about losing my shit.

Determination to make things better didn’t come about until now. Usually I do my best to write the entries either at the end of the day or else the next day or so. I’m writing a good deal of this on the Thursday, my lack of energy, worth and motivation meant that most of the week I was just surviving. The determination that I wouldn’t drown came today. Thursday.

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