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365 Challenge : Burning Down the House

Five things I’d save from a burning house?

Thankfully its says that all people and animals are safe so lugging out the OH isn’t a problem I need to deal with!

Looking around its hard to really think about what I’d want to save!

My glasses are the first thing I’ll grab, I’d need too else I’d probably walk right into the fire. I’m not really that great without my glasses!

Then on my way down the stairs I guess my favourite hoodie which hangs in front of the door. My OH brought it for me a long time ago and I don’t know why I love it so much but I do and I’d be sad to see it gone.

Third, and now I’d be running back on myself, would probably be the photo hanging in my front room. It isn’t too big so I’d be able to get it out quite easily. The photo is of me and my OH on holiday a few years ago, its one of the nicest photos I have of us both so it’ll be nice to keep it.

Fourth……. Oh shit my phone! I’ve left it on my bedside cabinet! I’ll need to run possibly back through the fire, patting down the scorch marks as I go, to grab that.

And seeing I nearly set myself on fire for a phone and a photo I’ll probably need to grab a change of clothes now too before running out the house with my arms bulging!

All I hope is that my OH doesn’t kill me for running around like a crazy person.